Amy Gets Feel Good Juice

12 Jun

The epidural is in. Such an interesting procedure to watch.

Do you ever think about how much trust we blindly give medical professionals? It is, of course, grounded trust. Their profession is to care for and assist patients, but it is interesting, as I sit and watch a man I don’t know insert tubes and liquids into my wife’s spine. I could not do the same. i don’t know what the liquids are. I do not feel the same thing so feels with it (or rather, doesn’t feel).

Contractions are getting a bit closer together, though Amy can not feel them. We’re looking at maybe a couple hours more, but you never know about these things.

All I know is, I appreciate and trust medical professionals. My wife is relaxing comfortably in no pain, slightly sleepy.

Sidestepping Eve’s curse for a few hours is priceless.

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