Sick of the Sick

17 Feb

Oh look!  A Blog!

Yeah, it’s been a bit quiet around here lately.  I’ve been rather busy, a little from travel, but mostly busy with sick kids.  They’re going to have to give me a “frequent customer discount” at the pediatrician’s office.

Koren has been battling the same ear infections for 3+ weeks.  It started directly after a weekend of sick, feverish baby (and subsequently, sick, feverish 3-year-old), and led to grumpy recovering baby until the antibiotic took effect.  We thought the antibiotic took care of the problem, but then we spilled it half way through and didn’t refill or finish the full 10-day run (I know, Mother of the Year Award, here I come).  So a week later we found ourselves back at the doctor and starting a second round of medication.

With Koren on the mend once again, we left the kids with my parents and went out of town for Jens’ cousin’s wedding in Denver, Colorado.  It was some much needed time away and a very enjoyable trip.

More pictures of that are below if you log in.

We returned to a rather grumpy baby and the realization that the second round of ear medication hadn’t done a blessed thing.  The next day, our little guy declined further and developed a bad case of croup that made both him and me miserable throughout the night and next day, as he was unable to sleep.  Steamy showers only seemed to help mildly, but since croup is viral that was the only solution available.

Another trip to the doctor netted us a new round of medication for the double ear infection (that’s #3, for those of you keeping track at home), some steroids for the croup, and the news that it would probably get worse before it got better.

It is now a week later, and a rough week it has been.  He’s still messing with his ears, so if that continues past Friday I’ll have to take him in again to assess the ear infection situation.  But his mood has improved dramatically and it’s actually possible to make him smile again.  I’m so glad to have my happy little guy back to his normal self.  Though I will say, I’d forgotten how difficult this kid is to hold on to when he’s well.

Unfortunately, now Kaelin is sick again.  She’s had a cough on and off for the past week and today had to stay home with a low-grade fever.  Probably my fault for rejoicing yesterday that I would actually get to spend my Mother’s Day Out time NOT taking care of sick kids today… obviously that didn’t work out.  At least taking care of a sick 3-year-old is easier than taking care of a sick 8-month-old.

So that’s what’s been keeping me busy.  Fun times.  One of these days I’ll actually get some time to myself during the day and then maybe I’ll get a load of laundry done or something.

In the meantime, here’s more Colorado pictures:

Me and my unruly hair.

Again, with the unruly hair.

This is where I TOTALLY ATE IT on the ice and ended up with a bruised and sore hip for the rest of the trip. Grace, thou eludes me.

Jens’ uncle (father of the groom) and his wife.

Jens’ cousin (brother of the groom) and his girlfriend.

Jens and his grandma.

Jens’ grandparents.

The Happy Couple.

The Happy Family. This child stayed quiet during the entire ceremony and subsequent Latin Mass. My kids can’t stay quiet through a 5-word sentence. If they could bottle their secret and sell it, they’d make a fortune and put Benadryl out of business.

This picture is begging for a Caption Contest.

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