Alaskan of the Week: Joe Miller

01 Oct

Joe Miller Tweets His Chickens Before They Hatch

Joe Miller

Mr. Presumptuous might be in for a big surprise.

Dear Joe,

You might think it exudes confidence to visit D.C. 2 months before the election and start calling elected governmental officials “future colleagues,” while making comments about looking for housing and changing out the name plaque on your office.

The rest of the state, however, is less than impressed by your complete inability to separate “confident” from “presumptuous” and “total butt munch.”  Especially since you run probably the greatest risk in the history of EVER of being beaten out by a WRITE IN CANDIDATE.

A little advice on that… If a large population of your state is kept afloat by federal funding, it’s probably not a great idea to make one of your goals to DO AWAY WITH all that funding.  Just sayin’.

So while you’re out looking for office furniture, the voters of your state will be learning how to spell “Murkowski.”  Good luck with that.

Hugs & Kisses,
You’re probably glad I can’t vote in this state yet

PS…Those “I HATE U, U SUK FUR MAKIN MAI LIFE HARDUR U STOOPID” emails you keep getting?  They’re from your publicist.

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