Arboretum, Sans Pictures

05 Nov

I am discovering the biggest downside to having a desktop in lieu of a laptop: traveling.  Without my computer I am unable to get any of my pictures off my camera.  I found a card reader at my parents’ house, but my mom’s computer isn’t recognizing it.

And even if I manage to get a new card reader, I don’t have a way to edit the pictures and turn them into JPGs (they’re in RAW format on the camera).

At this point, it’s looking as though I’m going to have to wait until December to post any pictures, which is SO FRUSTRATING to me right now.  More than frustrating.  Downright unacceptable.  I will find a way to circumvent this problem.  IT SIMPLY HAS TO HAPPEN.

In the meantime, I'll have to use someone else's pictures.

Today my mom and I took the kids to the Dallas Arboretum.  I love the Arboretum, especially in the fall time.  I’ve never seen so many pumpkins in my whole life.  The kids each came home with one.

They had a great time running around the Pumpkin Village and going through the hay maze.

Then we headed over to the grassy lawn for some fun with a foxtail ball.  I laid on a blanket and realized how much I have missed the feeling of the sun’s WARMTH.  It was wonderful.

The kids are at a really fun age right now, where they can enjoy playing with each other.  Koren made up a game where he told Grandmommy to close her eyes so he could hide the foxtail ball in the bushes.  Then she opens her eyes so she can watch him go find it.  That turned into a game where the kids took turns hiding the ball and finding it, which lasted a while even though they always hid it in the same place.

Eventually everyone got tired and we headed back home for naps, where I discovered that the monitor we’ve been using has, apparently, finally given up the ghost after 5 years.

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