15 Mar

Thing, the First

As a point of clarification on Sunday’s post, I thought I’d repost my response to a comment in case anyone else thought that the verbiage used in the entry was aimed at them, personally.  I do not, in fact, believe that all Republicans are sinister.

I tend to think there’s a big difference between Republican voters and Republican politicians. This political rant was mostly aimed at the politicians, the people making these decisions and poor choices at the expense of American citizens. I think Republican politics trends toward manipulation, fear tactics and corruption disguised behind a facade of morality.

Most Republican voters I know are honest, hardworking people who don’t cheat on their wives. They care about their neighbors and donate a lot of their time and money to help out those in need. They are generous, loyal, trusting, and don’t expect handouts. I just wish they had better politicians to represent them.

Thing, the Second

I have reinstalled the Subscribe to Comments plug-in, which I vaguely remember disabling a while ago because it was causing all kinds of PHP errors on the site, but then I never got around to fixing it.

SO.  It’s fixed and you now have the option to receive an email notification if someone responds to a comment that you leave here.

Thing, the Third

Have y’all tried Ebates?  I love Ebates.  It’s like free money for doing nothing.  See, whenever you shop online, go to ebates FIRST and click through to the website you intend to shop at from within the ebates site.  Then you automatically get a percentage of your purchase credited back to you and paid to your paypal account.  Is that easy or what?  It’s like getting a permanent discount!  They have TONS of popular stores.  So click the picture below to get started!

Full Disclosure: I feel the need to tell you that if 10 people sign up using this link and make purchases, I get a $100 gift card.  Ordinarily, I don’t try to sell you on stuff that benefits me, but I’m such a fan of this site that I’d encourage you to sign up even if I DIDN’T get anything out of it.

  1. Grandpa

    March 17, 2011 at 10:23 am

    “Thing the First” – I appreciate the follow-up comment – I too have issues with some of our Repulican politicians – I think there is a “disease” that hits elected folks when they cross over “The D.C. Beltway” – Too bad for all of us that just want sain, common sense thinking going on in our federal government!!!!