Baseball Cake

25 Jun

For Koren’s birthday cake, I decided on a baseball theme.  I started with a dome-shaped cake using Wilton’s Sports Ball cake pan.

I iced the dome, then covered it with blue fondant that I made out of marshmallows.  I find marshmallow fondant to be much more edible than the store-bought kind.

I cut the bill out of cardboard and covered it with the fondant as well, then fastened it to the hat.  I then added embellishments such as the button on top and used a needle to mimic the stitching on the hat.

I cut the home plate out of sheet cake and covered it with white fondant.  I then piped multi-shaded green “grass” onto the cake board with Wilton’s “hair” frosting tip.

I added a layered fondant patch to the front of the cap and placed it onto the base, using a piece of cardboard to support the bill and keep it lifted.

I then added some baseballs – which were essentially cake balls covered with marshmallow fondant.  I drew “stitches” on with edible markers.  I did learn that you have to be picky with the brand when you’re using edible markers.  I tried to be thrifty and started with Betty Crocker markers but they bled so badly that I had to go back and spend the big bucks on Wilton markers.

The glove was kind of a hasty afterthought because I had an extra dome cake and didn’t know what to do with it.  I drew the features on with icing and used a needle to imitate the stitching.

The finished product:


The result:

Everything but the cap was eaten at the party, and the rest was finished off at a gathering a couple of days later.  Overall verdict: Success!

  1. Melissa

    August 11, 2011 at 10:35 pm

    You are my cake making HERO! You MUST teach me how to do fondant on a cake!!!