Kindergarten Graduation

01 Jun

Ok to be honest, I was a little skeptical about Kindergarten Graduation.  I mean, it’s not exactly the culmination of years of hard work and tuition payments in a degree that magically qualifies a kid to be gainfully employed and start paying off those student loans.  It’s KINDERGARTEN.  It’s like throwing a celebration after finishing the first layer of the Great Pyramid.


It was important to Kaelin.  And I had missed the other year-end activities that always take place during the work day: Field Day, Field Trip, Pizza Party, Prince and Princess Parade, etc.

So missing Kindergarten Graduation was not an option.

And really?  It was the CUTEST. THING. EVER.

Each kid got a graduation hat and a Kindergarten Diploma.  Kaelin’s teacher talked to the kids about what they had accomplished through the year and how proud she was of them.  She told them that if they kept working hard at school, they could be anything they wanted to be, just like she was able to do.

Then each graduate got to walk across the stage to receive a diploma and a hug.

While the parents clapped wildly and took a bazillion pictures.

Afterward, each class was assigned a hallway to congregate in for pictures with their teacher, family, and friends.

It was so fun to see the kids interact and celebrate with each other.  Kaelin was really proud of herself and loved enjoying the celebration of her achievement.



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