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15 Aug

This is what happens when I take too long with the camera:

And this is what happens when we tell her she has to try something new at meal time:



30 Jul

We had date night planned tonight but our sitter wasn’t able to make it, so we took the kids to the Brazilian steakhouse with us.  I’m pretty sure Kaelin ate half her body weight in meat.

“This is the BEST! RESTAURANT! EVER!  I want to come here every day.”

The waitstaff got a kick out of it… and probably regretted only charging us half price for her.

She ate so much she gave herself a back ache.  She is her father’s daughter.


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Florida 2012: Dinner Cruise

15 Jul

Wednesdays are Family Night on the dinner cruise, so we took advantage of the opportunity.

In the ticket line

Jassy’s reaction any time Kaelin picks her up is to plant long kisses on her face.

While waiting to board, we stopped in the gift shop and Kaelin picked up her fourth stuffed animal souvenir. My daughter might be mildly obsessed with stuffed animals.

It was a great time, mostly due to two things:  Fruity coconut drinks that were ohsoyummy (yay more commemorative cups!)…

And watching the girls tear it up on the dance floor.

They were hilarious.  They started in the aisle by our table…

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Florida 2012: Red Robin

15 Jul

We worked up quite an appetite at Miracle Strip, so we went to Red Robin for dinner.  Unfortunately, the kitchen staff was apparently working with half a burner, as the food took exceptionally long to prepare.  We had been there for about an hour and a half when the server finally came over with a tray of baskets.  To our dismay, he was only bringing us fries to snack on while we waited.

Nonetheless, the girls did surprisingly well with the wait, and Jassy even treated us to a performance of… interpretive dancing? with a piece of ice.  This kid cracks me up.

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Florida 2012: Pineapple Willy’s

15 Jul

Pineapple Willy’s is a restaurant that has become a tourist destination at Panama City Beach.  It was the original restaurant we were trying to get to the first night, before we gave up and ended up at Breakers.

(Subsequently, we later found that cutting over to Back Beach Road instead of Front Beach Road will pretty much get you anywhere and possibly save hours)

The restaurant features a drink, surprisingly called the Pineapple Willy, which is rather delicious and comes in a souvenir cup.  We seem to have accumulated quite the collection of souvenir cups during our stay in PCB.

The food isn’t bad, and the casual , fun outdoor atmosphere is good for a couple of very goofy kids.

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Happiness Is…

31 May

It technically has coffee in it.

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Note to Self

22 Feb

If you have kids who are prone to rummaging through the refrigerator when you’re not looking, it’s a good idea to clean out said fridge from time to time.  Kaelin didn’t sleep well last night and missed half of school today due to a stomach ache.

Actually, I think we’re pretty fortunate that she only had a stomach ache.

I think those black-eyed peas were from New Years.

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Free Recipes

24 Aug

Hello all you cooking gurus out there.  I know a lot of you are constantly on the hunt for new recipes, so here’s an opportunity to get an entire book (over 200) of them for free.

Chef Jeff (not the one from Food Network.  The one from is coming out with a new e-cookbook entitled dinneRevolution.  He’s looking to create some buzz and get some feedback, so he’s offering it for FREE to Go Ask Your Dad’s readers.

I’ve seen the book, and it’s over 200 pages of “healthy and modern recipes made simply with 10 ingredients or less in under 30 minutes.”  There are a lot of traditional recipes made with chicken and beef, but also some vegetarian dishes, seafood dishes, and sides.  I’m not much of a cook myself, but these seem easy enough for even me to try once in a while.

So click here or on the picture to your right to get your free copy of the e-book!

Full disclosure: You do have to enter a name and your email address to get your free copy, but no payment information or other personal details are required.

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