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Christmas Songs: Good, Bad and Ugly

11 Dec

I’ve been listening to Christmas music since they started playing it on the radio, and once again I have been forced to come to the sad realization that there are, in fact,  A LOT of really bad Christmas songs.  A small sampling:

Jingle Bells by the Singing Dogs.  You want to make a horrible YouTube video with this song and email it out to all your friends?  Fine.  But PLEASE for the love of Mother Butler pies, DON’T put it on the radio.  If I wanted to hear a bunch of dogs barking at me while I’m in my car, I’d drive up and down our alley behind the garbage truck.

Christmas Time is Here Again has to be the single worst thing the Beatles have ever been responsible for.  I hardly even classify it as a song.

Baby it’s Cold Outside is an ok song, but I get a little queasy when I hear Nora Roberts sing it with Willie Nelson.  I cannot get past the fact that he’s old enough to be her grandfather, no matter how good they may sound vocally.  Ewwwy goobers.

Last Christmas – this song is everywhere.  Am I the only one who has absolutely ZERO sympathy for Wham or Ashley Tisdale or Taylor Swift or George Michael or any the other 6400 people that sing this shallow song?

Merry Christmas Darling – this song only bugs me because “I wish I were with you” SHOULD be grammatically incorrect.  I mean, you don’t say “I were at the grocery store yesterday.”  The English language is weird and it hurts my ears every time I hear it.

Dominick the Donkey – I don’t even know why this song exists.

There are probably more, but those are the ones that come to mind.  On the flip side, here are some of my favorites:

Oh Holy Night

This is probably the best version of this song I’ve ever heard.

The 12 Days of Christmas

These guys have fun with the inherent ridiculousness of this song.  If you’re not familiar with Straight No Chaser… you should be.

Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel

I couldn’t find the version of this song I really wanted but this one’s not bad.

What are your favorite (or least favorite) Christmas songs?


This is What I Think of the Mail

29 Jul

This is so true…

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Been a While

25 Jul

It has been a very eventful few weeks, and mid-summer took its toll on our household.  In addition to multiple illnesses, injuries and trips to the ER, we recently lost a member of our household:


I returned from a great Fourth of July weekend in Seldovia to find that good old Dell had given up the ghost.  I took it to the local repair man in desperation.  As an indication of how that diagnosis went, he gave me a huge discount on his time because he “felt sorry for” me.

Dell was, indeed, toast.

I fretted about this for several days because in addition to the inconvenience of having to use my phone for all internet-related things, and being completely unable to download, edit or do anything with any of my photos (!!!), I had just scored my first paying graphic design job since moving here and would be unable to complete work without a computer and the rather expensive set of software being held hostage on my dead machine.

Long story short, with the help an early Christmas gift (thanks Mom & Dad!) and an educational discount (thanks Adobe!) I was able to score myself one awesome computer (thanks, Apple!) that I have been quite pleased with.

Unfortunately, my new toy arrived on the same day that my parents did, so I haven’t had time to do much more than take it out of the box and occasionally sneak upstairs to pet it for a few minutes at a time.  Therefore, I am severely behind in … well, pretty much everything.  Pictures, blogging, software, work, editing, migrating files, etc.

I am still getting used to the way Mac handles files and have found iPhoto to be quite useful, except for the part where it pulls all my photos into the program and won’t let me access them outside of iPhoto.  It’s reminiscent of iTunes and makes me wish Apple didn’t have such a proprietary outlook on things that are mine.

My plan is to do some updating more in the next few days.  My parents left today and I’m already missing them, but this should keep me busy in the meantime.

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In Lieu of Actual Content

21 Jul


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SPAM of the Week

13 Nov

Never been thanked for A.D.D. before…

I am solely independence writing you so that we can working with your to remittance the money into your account as the dead next of kin has passed into eternity. It is simply a simplistic process which will take but for a short while to process outside this ever will. I urgently look forward to received your most urgent appropriate responses for activities complete commencing.

Thanks for your co-operation and attention defecit.
Best regarding,

Martin Guio.
East Africa


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SPAM of the Week

24 Sep

I’m considering doing a “SPAM of the Week” on this website.  Because sometimes they just make me laugh.  For instance, these guys like, totally have a factory:

Dear Sir,
Glad got your information from internet.

We are professional hunting products manufacturer in China. We totally have factory in suburb of Hangzhou by ourself.  Our main customer is eastman,carrifour and wal-mart etc.
Your can find some of our products in attached file.
If you interested in our products,please contact us any time we will quote your best price.  Also welcome visit our factory.
Waiting your reply early.


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