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Family Reunion

07 Sep

We flew to Denver and back in one day in order to attend a reunion on Jens’ side of the family.  It was a lot of fun and totally exhausting… especially for Koren, who – while we were sitting in the airport waiting for our delayed (!!!) flight home – kept moaning and whimpering about how the only thing he wanted in the whole world was his “comfy little bed.”  Poor kid was just beside himself after getting up at 4:30am, no nap, playing himself into exhaustion at the park, and not getting home until 11pm.

The reunion itself was tons of fun though.  We met at a park and the kids played and played and played, while the adults visited.  This is a side of the family we don’t get to see often, which is a shame, since they’re all pretty wonderful people and we really enjoy the times we DO get to spend with them.

Here are a few highlights…

Cousin fistbumps

My little hooligans

The kids adore their Auntie Choo.

Hanging out

Mr. Sunshine. At least, during this point of the day.

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First School Project

06 Sep

Kaelin helped create this poster about Rocco, our new kitten.  She had to specify what kind of animal he is, as well as what he would eat and where he would live if he were in the wild.  We typed it up and she learned a little bit about where Bengal cats come from and what their ancestors look like.  She then got to take Rocco to school and participate in the first grade Pet Parade.

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15 Aug

This is what happens when I take too long with the camera:

And this is what happens when we tell her she has to try something new at meal time:


First Grade

14 Aug

The first day of school snuck up on me this year.  Seriously.  To the point that I was running around THIS MORNING trying to find a backpack that a) was big enough to hold actual school books, and b) didn’t look like it had been through a viking invasion.

Kaelin was a little apprehensive beforehand, but still did better than I expected, considering it was the first day of a new class in a new school where she hardly knew anybody and the few people she did know weren’t in her class.  When she came home, she was full of sunshine and apparently had a “GREAT!” day.  She even got to see her friends from other classes throughout the day.  Her teacher seems really sweet and we have heard nothing but good things about her.  I’m looking forward to the rest of this year, I think it will be a really good one.

Also… I’ve always been kind of anti-uniform.  But seriously?  Could she be cuter?


80’s Day at Summer Camp

03 Aug

I get really entertained by dressing my daughter in the high fashions of my elementary school days.

Side ponytail?  Check.

Scrunchy?  Check.

Neon colors?  Check.

Leggings?  Check.

Double-layered scrunched socks?  Check.

Large baggy shirt tied with an additional scrunchy?  Check.

If only I had some big hoop earrings and a headband.  Oh well…

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30 Jul

We had date night planned tonight but our sitter wasn’t able to make it, so we took the kids to the Brazilian steakhouse with us.  I’m pretty sure Kaelin ate half her body weight in meat.

“This is the BEST! RESTAURANT! EVER!  I want to come here every day.”

The waitstaff got a kick out of it… and probably regretted only charging us half price for her.

She ate so much she gave herself a back ache.  She is her father’s daughter.


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Chuck E Cheese

04 Jun

As a reward for good behavior through the entire year at school, we took Kaelin to Chuck E Cheese.  We were joined by our friends down the street, whose daughter has been Kaelin’s best friend throughout Kindergarten – so the experience was twice as fun for everyone.

On a side note, Chuck E Cheese’s pizza hasn’t changed in 20 years.  Actually … it might have gotten worse.

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Class Swim Party

02 Jun

After the last day of school, Kaelin’s class got together for a swim party at the local pool.  The kids had a blast playing together, and it was so fun to see them all interact outside of the school environment.  We have really enjoyed getting to know the families in our neighborhood over the last year and are glad to have such a great group of kids around for Kaelin to befriend.

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