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Korenisms: TV Edition

26 Aug

“I think we need a new TV.”
“This one has too many commercials.”

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Called On the Carpet

17 Aug

One of the challenges of parenting is when it becomes difficult to tell who the parent actually is. This conversation took place in the car as we were coming home from work/school…

Me: Oh, that stupid truck.
Koren: Mama, why did you call that truck stupid?
Me: That wasn’t very nice of me, was it.  I said that because I was frustrated that those people have been blocking our driveway all day and now I have to drive backwards out of the alleyway and go around the long way just so we can get home.
Me:  But I guess that doesn’t mean that they’re stupid.
Koren: No.  Because we never call anybody stupid.
Me: You’re right.  I shouldn’t have said that.
Koren: Mama, you made a sad choice.
Me:  I suppose I did.  I’m sorry for my sad choice.
Koren: That’s ok.


Dang.   I think I have rug burns from that one.

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Prayers for Xander

16 Aug

“Mama, tonight you pray for Xander and I’ll pray for his parents.  Dear God, please help Xander’s parents not be so sad because they miss him. And help Xander make it rain whenever their house has a crack.  A. Men.”

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Precious Pie

12 Aug

This is cheap stuffed animal from Ikea that Koren latched onto as his favorite about a year ago, and it been an important part of his bedtime routine ever since.  It’s funny, you can never predict which stuffed animal a kid is going to pick as the #1.

As he told his Aana during a visit to Alaska this summer, “Did you know my puppy’s name is Precious Pie?  I named him Precious because he’s so precious to me. I have no idea why I named him Pie.”



Dying Eggs

08 Apr

“Mama, why do the eggs have to die?”


We had some friends from down the street over yesterday to dye Easter eggs.  It was lots of fun and nobody spilled dye all over the kitchen!  I would love to have gotten a picture of all four of them, but once the boys joined the project, I ran out of time to man the camera.

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08 Apr

A fun day.  It started earlier than we would have liked, but I can’t really complain about the kids sleeping until 6:50 am, especially when there are Easter baskets to be discovered.

The Easter baskets and their contents brought lots of smiles and squeals.  However, it should be noted that when you’re trying to avoid an overload of candy, filling Easter baskets becomes significantly more expensive.

At one point, Koren asked if the Easter bunny was real, and did it REALLY come to our house and give us presents?  I defaulted to my “I’m-not-going-to-straight-out-lie-to-you-but-that-doesn’t-mean-I-have-to-tell-you-everything” Mommy answer: “What do you think?” to which he responded “Yes” with a delighted grin.

Kaelin then clarified: “Koren.  Think about it.  It would be impossible for Mama and Daddo to get all of this stuff last night and put it all out here.”

Yes.  THAT would be impossible.  But an oversized egg-laying rabbit breaking into people’s houses in the middle of the night to deposit a seemingly unlimited quantity of goodies?  TOTALLY PLAUSIBLE.

I love kids.

After the fun and games, we sat down to discuss the real reason we celebrate Easter.  Kaelin was already familiar with the story, but raised the excellent question of why in the world we call the day Jesus was killed “Good Friday.”  Koren grappled with the concept of Jesus being different from, but the same as, God.  And both kids seemed to connect with the idea of someone else paying the consequences for the bad things we do.  Kaelin had a momentary epiphany-turned-disappointment when she exclaimed that since Jesus died, now she doesn’t have to have consequences for disobeying, RIGHT???

Wrong, kiddo.  But nice try.

Because apparently I am unable to coerce my kids into wearing shoes for a photo.

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Kaelinisms: Anti-Terror Edition

25 Feb

“Dear God, please help Aana have a good flight home on her plane and please let nobody blow it up like they did a long time ago and killed a bunch of people.  In Jesus’ name, amen.”

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Korenisms: MLK Edition

05 Feb

“Daddo, I have a dream.  Just like Dr. King.”

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