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The Starving Rabbit

27 Sep

I typically drop the kids off at home in between picking them up from school and heading to the gym for my weekly training session.  Yesterday, both kids decided they really wanted to come to the gym with me.

So I called Jens and let him know that they wouldn’t be home yet, but that in the meantime he was in charge of getting dinner prepared because once we got out of the gym I was going to have a couple of rabid starving animals on my hands.

“Mama, what’s a rabbit starving animal?”
“It means you get very grumpy when you’re hungry.”
“I won’t get grumpy.”

I took Koren’s word with a grain of salt because we typically have approximately 30 minutes from the time he comes home after school to get some food in him, or else he turns into an unstable atomic bomb.  I hadn’t brought a snack for him, and he had declined to grab one from the cracker bucket on the way out of school.  So despite their sudden enthusiasm for going to the gym’s play area, I was pretty sure this was a recipe for disaster when it was over.

After my training session, I retrieved my children, with smiles on their faces.  I asked Koren if he was hungry.  He said yes, but also offered to hold my purse for me (my little helper).  I specifically noticed the complete lack of whining and complaining and sheer desperation that has been a part of the (few) other times we have tried the “gym after school” routine.

“See Mama, I’m not a rabbit.”
“That’s true.  You’re doing very well.”
“But Mama, I’m so hungry.  I’m hungrier than you think I am.  My tummy is so squishy and it needs food in it RIGHT NOW.”
“I know bub.  We’re going to take care of that right now.”

Fortunately, Jens had been true to his word, and dinner was served up immediately as we walked in the door.

Sometimes a lack of drama in a day can be a great surprise.

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Family Reunion

07 Sep

We flew to Denver and back in one day in order to attend a reunion on Jens’ side of the family.  It was a lot of fun and totally exhausting… especially for Koren, who – while we were sitting in the airport waiting for our delayed (!!!) flight home – kept moaning and whimpering about how the only thing he wanted in the whole world was his “comfy little bed.”  Poor kid was just beside himself after getting up at 4:30am, no nap, playing himself into exhaustion at the park, and not getting home until 11pm.

The reunion itself was tons of fun though.  We met at a park and the kids played and played and played, while the adults visited.  This is a side of the family we don’t get to see often, which is a shame, since they’re all pretty wonderful people and we really enjoy the times we DO get to spend with them.

Here are a few highlights…

Cousin fistbumps

My little hooligans

The kids adore their Auntie Choo.

Hanging out

Mr. Sunshine. At least, during this point of the day.

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Korenisms: Heaven Edition

05 Sep

“Daddo, when Jesus comes back and there’s a new heaven and a new earth — will this earth go away?”
“Yes, Jesus will make new ones for us to live in. He’ll make everything brand new.”
“Will we come back to visit this earth?”
“No, we’ll live in the new one. This one will be gone”
(bursts into tears [yes, actual tears]) “But that means we’ll never get to go to Olive Garden again!

* * *

“In the new heaven/new earth, you’ll even get to see Xander again.”
“But that’s sooooo lonnnnng away…”
“Well, I hope so, because that means you will have lived a long, full life.”
(more tears) “But why do you want it to be a long time before I see Xander???”



Korenisms: Cleanliness Edition

26 Aug

“Mama, I know that girls are cleaner than boys.”
“Yeah.  Daddo told me that.”


Korenisms: TV Edition

26 Aug

“I think we need a new TV.”
“This one has too many commercials.”

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25 Aug

Koren woke up shortly after midnight with a strong fever.  He was hot from head to toe and unable to sleep.  I gave him water and ibuprofen and laid in bed with him until he was able to drift back to sleep (at about 4am).

As we were laying in his bed, he would ruminate on the day’s activities and occasionally share bits and pieces of his thought process.  And always in the most pitiful sick baby voice ever.

“Mama, today was a really big day.”

“Mama, Ethan’s house is a great place.”

“Mama, I had so much fun playing with Ethan and Brooklyn tonight.  I want to see them again.”

“Mama, I love you so much.”
“I love you too sweetheart.  I’m sorry you’re sick.”
“I’m sorry you’re sad that I’m sick.”

He would drift in and out between thinking and dreaming, so sometimes I would get bits and pieces of his dreams.

“I don’t want to tell you.”
“Tell me what?”
“What you just asked me.”
“But I didn’t say anything.”

“Who said my name?”
“Nobody said anything, hon.”
“I heard someone say Koren, Koren.”
“You must have been dreaming, babe.”

Even after some sleep, his condition had not improved by morning.  He did not object to a mid-morning nap in Mama & Daddo’s bed.

And he woke up from said nap with some pretty awesome bed head.

But still didn’t feel better.  So off we went to Acute Kids.  The doctor took one look at his throat and announced that we had a case of strep on our hands.  The rapid strep test came back negative, but she was still convinced and recommended that we go ahead and administer the antibiotics even though the actual culture results won’t be in for 2 days.  Apparently it’s not uncommon to get a false negative within the first 24 hours.

Koren can do “pitiful” with the best of them, yes?  So we’re home now and Jens is picking up dinner.  Koren has said he’s hungry, which is a first today.  He wouldn’t even eat his Saturday Morning Donuts.

It’s been a lazy afternoon with a high priority set on napping.  After spending a good portion of the night in a bed smaller than I am, I was more than happy to catch up on some sleep … and my #1 Napping Buddy didn’t object either:

I realize I haven’t really introduced Rocco on here yet, even though we’ve had him for a week.  Mostly that is due to lack of time and ability to take any decent pictures, but I will remedy that soon!


Iron Man

22 Aug

Koren has been after me for a few days to play catch with him, and we finally got the chance to play for a bit.  After he had caught his 14th toss in a row, I asked him if he’s going to be a baseball player when he grows up.

“Yes.  Well, actually I’m going to be Iron Man when I grow up.  Iron Man the Baseball Player.”

He has a group of friends at school who have formed the preschool version of a superhero club.  They have each picked out their alter ego, and play superhero reenactments on the playground, saving “people that need to be saved.”  Koren is usually Iron Man, but he sometimes opts for Captain America.  Occasionally, their playground rescues even attract an audience, or so I’m told.

Sometimes when I pick him up, he’ll wave goodbye to his fellow superheros:  “Bye Batman, bye Thor!”

Raising a super hero is a pretty daunting responsibility.  I hope I’m up for the task.

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Called On the Carpet

17 Aug

One of the challenges of parenting is when it becomes difficult to tell who the parent actually is. This conversation took place in the car as we were coming home from work/school…

Me: Oh, that stupid truck.
Koren: Mama, why did you call that truck stupid?
Me: That wasn’t very nice of me, was it.  I said that because I was frustrated that those people have been blocking our driveway all day and now I have to drive backwards out of the alleyway and go around the long way just so we can get home.
Me:  But I guess that doesn’t mean that they’re stupid.
Koren: No.  Because we never call anybody stupid.
Me: You’re right.  I shouldn’t have said that.
Koren: Mama, you made a sad choice.
Me:  I suppose I did.  I’m sorry for my sad choice.
Koren: That’s ok.


Dang.   I think I have rug burns from that one.

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