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2 Down; 8,612 to go…

05 Jan

One of my goals during this Staycation was to make a major dent in the 6 years of scrapbooking I haven’t done.  Unfortunately, that just didn’t quite work out as I had hoped, but I did manage to put together two pages today:

2012-12-24 Christmas Elves

2012-12-24 Christmas Elves2


Title Schmitle

13 Jun

So I’m finally taking the time to sit my butt down and figure out how to make a Blogger template.   Specifically, a Blogger template that works with all those silly “widgets” in New Blogger.   I have chosen my guinea pig and hopefully you will soon see something … worth seeing …

In other news, I mentioned that I was trying to get rid of some old scrapbooking supplies.   Well, completely by coincidence, I received an email from a friend who is going on a mission trip to Russia to minister to women and they need … wait for it … SCRAPBOOKING SUPPLIES.   She asked if I had anything I could donate.


I have 14 albums, 7 refill packs, 120 punches, 2 Paper/Stickers Binders with a box full of pocket pages, 2 Paper Takers, 80 large sheets of stickers, and 1,800 sheets of patterned paper that will make their way overseas in a few months.   But more importantly, they will be OUT OF MY HOUSE in a few days, which means my office closet will be de-cluttered just in time to put the house on the market.

Speaking of which, the flooring company comes Monday to install the laminate downstairs, and after that we’re in business.   I know you can’t see me freaking out right now, but suffice it to say that I have chewed off every single fingernail on my hands.

Yeah, baby.


April’s Fool

01 Apr

I get giddy this time of year. This is the time in Texas when winter ceases and I can put away the sweaters and dark colors, but the scortching summer heat hasn’t arrived yet.
This weekend I’m dragging my family to the Dallas Arboretum to take scads and scads of pictures of budding flowers (I hope the tulips are in!) and fill several pages of my scrapbook with a collage of color. J hasn’t decided if he’s going or not, but what he doesn’t know (or won’t until he reads this) is that he’s going to be under immense pressure to go with us because I WANT A PICTURE of the two of us with some pretty flowers.
Seriously, since I’m usually behind the camera, we don’t have nearly enough pictures of the two of us. And with #3 on the way, I have a feeling that he/she will be the focus of most of the pictures taken after a certain day in October. Which I’m sure is going to make my cats happy and drive my dog crazy.
And I finally have a spare battery because I have not once gotten through an arboretum trip in which my camera hasn’t died way to early.
Don’t know why, but I’ve been a little scrap-happy recently. Sure, I always like to scrapbook but over the past couple of weeks it’s been more of an…obsession. Which is doubly unfortunate because I have run out of pictures to scrap (hence the arboretum trip) and when I’m in the mood to scrap and can’t, there’s only one thing left to do. SHOP. Yes, danger is my middle name. Found a new scrapbooking store in Frisco that is AWESOME and I could totally live there. And between weddings, new houses, birthdays, and OF COURSE, BABY, I have lots to shop for this year. Hee hee hee…
Anyway, it’s supposed to be a lovely April weekend and I plan to take full advantage of it.

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Death of a Sales…woman

21 Mar

I spent the weekend down in Houston with some old friends from highschool, two of which are getting married this summer, one of whom’s bridal shower prompted the trip. The third friend is one I haven’t seen since my own bridal shower, which was – eghad – FOUR YEARS ago. Time flies.

Three of us had girl time the traditional sleepover way, and it was lots of fun. Except, Leigh, I swear I didn’t mean to put you through the hours of boredom looking at EVERY SINGLE SCRAPBOOK I’VE EVER made. Of course it’s nice to have someone actually see the result of countless hours I’ve spent hunched over a table cropping, arranging and taping – but really, that wasn’t my intention when I brought them all down. I was only expecting to show one or two of them, and I would imagine that even THAT would border on unacceptable levels of forced boredom.

Looking back at that paragraph, I’m realizing that there’s no way any person with a brain bigger than a walnut would believe me. But it’s still true. God knows. He’s got my back. Yeah.

Anyway, I have come to realize that this is why I could never be a success as a salesman…er, saleswoman. I have guilt about advertising or forcing anything of mine on someone else, particularly someone I know. All those years of school fundraisers, bringing colorful overpriced junk catalogs to everyone in my neighborhood, church, and dad’s office were TORTURE. Absolute torture. And I still have guilt from it that requires me to purchase something from every 10-year old with a catalog that comes through. Still paying my dues.

And no, that was not a suggestion to send your kids my way with their popcorn and wrapping paper. I also eat children to get out of committing to fundraisers.

Anyway, thank goodness for patient friends that don’t make a big deal out of my occasional neurosis.

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