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Christmas Elves: Day 12

03 Dec

Ok, I really was going to stay away from the Dangling Elf motif.  But I was short on time and didn’t want to make a big mess…and also I had all this string laying around from the zip line.

It turns out that flying elves are even more fascinating than dangling elves.

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Petting Zoo

23 Sep

I took Kaelin and her best friend to tour a little ranch that we are considering for the location of Kaelin’s birthday party.  She was sold the minute she saw the petting zoo, and it just about took an act of God to pull her away when it was time to leave.

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First School Project

06 Sep

Kaelin helped create this poster about Rocco, our new kitten.  She had to specify what kind of animal he is, as well as what he would eat and where he would live if he were in the wild.  We typed it up and she learned a little bit about where Bengal cats come from and what their ancestors look like.  She then got to take Rocco to school and participate in the first grade Pet Parade.

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Rocco – 13 Weeks

28 Aug

I love this kitty.  He ventured upstairs for the first time today and is currently passed out in my lap.  He’s a total sweetie with a little bit of impishness in him.  He was trying so hard today to stalk the dog while said dog was napping… but he’s still afraid of him so every time Hastings lifted his head Rocco would scurry away.  While I was folding clothes this evening, he had more fun than I thought was possible with an empty laundry basket.


My Assistant

28 Aug

Working from home on occasion does have its benefits.  Like kitty cuddles in the middle of the day.

And also, this:

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Flea be Gone… But Please Leave Me My Dog

27 Aug

We found a flea, so both pets got the flea treatment.  We weren’t able to get Hastings the oral kind this time so we did the back-of-the-neck treatment.  I don’t know what’s in that stuff but it must be some serious toxin.  Aside from the warnings all over the package not to let the dog come in contact with cats, children, adults, or water with fish in it during the first 24 hours after treatment, we noticed that Hastings exhibited some strange behavior during that time.

First, he started doing things he KNOWS he’s not allowed to do, such as go upstairs.  Twice that day I found him on the second floor and he seemed completely unaware of why he was getting scolded.  And then there’s the part where he tried to bury his own head in the back yard:

He’s never been a digger, so this behavior was really unusual.  The next day, he wandered out to the back yard and stood over the hole, tilted his head and looked down into it as if to say “Who put this here?”

I don’t think we’ll be trying that particular flea treatment again.



26 Aug

This is Rocco.  He joined our family last Saturday at 12 weeks old.  I picked him up just outside of Austin and drove home with him through some pretty torrential downpours.  What should have been a 3.5 hour return trip turned into 5 hour drive with massive traffic.  Blech.

Kaelin has been begging for a pet for several months now, but even though we had committed to get Rocco several weeks ago, the kids knew nothing of our new companion until they walked into the bedroom and he was there (we told them to come downstairs because they had some laundry to put up.

I have since been told multiple times that I am the BEST! MOM! in the WHOLE! UNIVERSE! – and I have the video recordings to prove it should they change their minds in the future.

Once we got home, he adjusted pretty quickly.  He was pretty worn out from his big day, and immediately found a nice place to nest on my pillow.

Later that evening, he curled up behind me and fell asleep on his back while grooming himself.

He’s a super cuddle bug and his motor starts running the second you touch him – even if he’s mad at you for not letting him explore the closet.  He loves to play and will chase just about anything – including the pants you’re trying to put on in the morning or your feet under the covers even when you’re CERTAIN you haven’t moved.

I’ll have more pictures and videos to post of him in the near future I’m sure.  Kittens have a way of hijacking your focus, even when they aren’t actually doing anything.



25 Aug

Koren woke up shortly after midnight with a strong fever.  He was hot from head to toe and unable to sleep.  I gave him water and ibuprofen and laid in bed with him until he was able to drift back to sleep (at about 4am).

As we were laying in his bed, he would ruminate on the day’s activities and occasionally share bits and pieces of his thought process.  And always in the most pitiful sick baby voice ever.

“Mama, today was a really big day.”

“Mama, Ethan’s house is a great place.”

“Mama, I had so much fun playing with Ethan and Brooklyn tonight.  I want to see them again.”

“Mama, I love you so much.”
“I love you too sweetheart.  I’m sorry you’re sick.”
“I’m sorry you’re sad that I’m sick.”

He would drift in and out between thinking and dreaming, so sometimes I would get bits and pieces of his dreams.

“I don’t want to tell you.”
“Tell me what?”
“What you just asked me.”
“But I didn’t say anything.”

“Who said my name?”
“Nobody said anything, hon.”
“I heard someone say Koren, Koren.”
“You must have been dreaming, babe.”

Even after some sleep, his condition had not improved by morning.  He did not object to a mid-morning nap in Mama & Daddo’s bed.

And he woke up from said nap with some pretty awesome bed head.

But still didn’t feel better.  So off we went to Acute Kids.  The doctor took one look at his throat and announced that we had a case of strep on our hands.  The rapid strep test came back negative, but she was still convinced and recommended that we go ahead and administer the antibiotics even though the actual culture results won’t be in for 2 days.  Apparently it’s not uncommon to get a false negative within the first 24 hours.

Koren can do “pitiful” with the best of them, yes?  So we’re home now and Jens is picking up dinner.  Koren has said he’s hungry, which is a first today.  He wouldn’t even eat his Saturday Morning Donuts.

It’s been a lazy afternoon with a high priority set on napping.  After spending a good portion of the night in a bed smaller than I am, I was more than happy to catch up on some sleep … and my #1 Napping Buddy didn’t object either:

I realize I haven’t really introduced Rocco on here yet, even though we’ve had him for a week.  Mostly that is due to lack of time and ability to take any decent pictures, but I will remedy that soon!