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15 Mar

Thing, the First

As a point of clarification on Sunday’s post, I thought I’d repost my response to a comment in case anyone else thought that the verbiage used in the entry was aimed at them, personally.  I do not, in fact, believe that all Republicans are sinister.

I tend to think there’s a big difference between Republican voters and Republican politicians. This political rant was mostly aimed at the politicians, the people making these decisions and poor choices at the expense of American citizens. I think Republican politics trends toward manipulation, fear tactics and corruption disguised behind a facade of morality.

Most Republican voters I know are honest, hardworking people who don’t cheat on their wives. They care about their neighbors and donate a lot of their time and money to help out those in need. They are generous, loyal, trusting, and don’t expect handouts. I just wish they had better politicians to represent them.

Thing, the Second

I have reinstalled the Subscribe to Comments plug-in, which I vaguely remember disabling a while ago because it was causing all kinds of PHP errors on the site, but then I never got around to fixing it.

SO.  It’s fixed and you now have the option to receive an email notification if someone responds to a comment that you leave here.

Thing, the Third

Have y’all tried Ebates?  I love Ebates.  It’s like free money for doing nothing.  See, whenever you shop online, go to ebates FIRST and click through to the website you intend to shop at from within the ebates site.  Then you automatically get a percentage of your purchase credited back to you and paid to your paypal account.  Is that easy or what?  It’s like getting a permanent discount!  They have TONS of popular stores.  So click the picture below to get started!

Full Disclosure: I feel the need to tell you that if 10 people sign up using this link and make purchases, I get a $100 gift card.  Ordinarily, I don’t try to sell you on stuff that benefits me, but I’m such a fan of this site that I’d encourage you to sign up even if I DIDN’T get anything out of it.


Review: Chi Home Stylist Kit

26 Feb

Chi Home Stylist KitI have always had good hair.  Can I say that without sounding pretentious?

It’s relatively fine, but has always been pretty thick, and when I get it cut the stylist usually comments on how healthy it is, despite the fact that I blow-dry it every day.  I usually contribute this to the use of good products.

I have a lot of hair these days.  Mostly that is due to negligence, as I haven’t cut it in almost a year.  I’m not a huge fan of it being this long, because it’s harder to shake out of my face when the wind blows, and I don’t like having to pull it out of my arm pits every time I put on a shirt.

Unfortunately, hair cuts are not in my budget right now.  Neither is my beloved Fekkai Glossing shampoo and conditioner.  Which means my long hair has been in really bad shape lately.

There’s nothing that will make you want to hide your head like bad hair. Scraggly, dry, dull, frayed, damaged hair that refuses to cooperate with any effort to style it.  Since I’m on a bit of a self-improvement kick recently (because frankly, I could use some improvement), I decided to take action.

I bought this kit on Amazon for $25 , which is a significant discount from what you’d pay if you were to purchase the products separately and in a store (the Shampoo retails for $25 by itself).

I had to have it shipped to my parents’ house for Jens to bring back when he returned from his business trip, because this Amazon Marketplace seller doesn’t ship to foreign countries like Alaska.  So today is the first opportunity I’ve had to try it.

The Infra shampoo smells like cologne, which bugs me because I hate cologne, and I don’t really want to smell like a man.  Fortunately, the scent doesn’t stick around after your hair dries, so the fragrance is just a mild negative in my book.

The Infra Treatment doesn’t do a whole lot for detangling, but does leave my hair reasonably manageable after I get out of the shower.  I didn’t have to spend much time working through it with a comb, unlike some other “conditioning” products I’ve tried.

The Keratin Mist spray bottle is somewhat difficult to use.  It delivers tiny little spritzes and when you have long hair can take a lot of time to cover.

I was somewhat worried when I put a dab of the Silk Infusion leave-in treatment into my hands, because it basically feels like it’s made out of straight oil.  Having used products that gave my hair an oily texture in the past, I was apprehensive about its results.  However, I’m pleased to say that the product has not left my hair looking or feeling oily once blow-dried.

As for total results, I can say that I highly recommend these products.  Today, my hair is smooth, shiny, and soft to the touch – a night and day difference from where it was before.

Even though there’s entirely too much of it, it’s nice to have my hair back.

PS… You may notice that this post is not categorized under “Sponsored,” which means that nobody is paying me to say anything about this product.  I just thought I’d share it because I like the way it works.

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Unrelated Little Tidbits that Aren’t Long Enough to Warrant Their Own Post

20 Jan

I love how my kids cheer for breakfast.  It’s great to bring a carefully prepared plate out every morning to the resounding cheer of “BREAKFAST!!!”

* * *

IMO, if it has to snow, it should be big, wonderful snowflakes, and not the tiny little wet snowy junk that came down all of yesterday.  I’m finding that I greatly prefer snow to rain when I have to be out in it… I just wish it didn’t stick around so long afterward.  I think Dallas has the right idea.  It snows, and it’s really exciting – then in 2 days the ground is clear.  EVERY TIME.

* * *

Can I just say that I’m proud of my husband for being such a hard worker.  He’s started his own company with a friend and has been taking on some projects in addition to his full-time job.  Yesterday he worked 15 hours and potentially has several more projects in the pipes for the next 6 months or so.

* * *

Koren’s newest thing is to say something that’s either outrageous or doesn’t make sense, and then “I’m just jokinnnn'” with a huge grin.  He’s such a ham.

* * *

We had a lynx in our yard.  Jens saw it when he was on a work call.  Had he not been on the phone, he probably would have gone out and shot it, because it was dragging one of its front legs.  We’re glad Hastings wasn’t tied up outside at the time.  Injured predators tend to go for easy prey, like tied up animals or children.  This one was in such bad shape though, it probably won’t last much longer.

* * *

Also in the wildlife category, Jens scared a moose half to death when he leaned over the railing in the dark and spit on it.  He didn’t know the moose was there and got quite a shock when it reared back in surprise.

* * *

Kaelin is getting so spoiled at school.  Her teacher is a fisherman whose family is like modern day hippies.  His wife sports dreads (this is Homer, where the women in dreads outnumber the women who wear makeup) and they raise just about every kind of animal you can imagine.  And they all come to school.  The class has a pet guinea pig, Bear, who is a permanent resident and you may remember as our house guest over Christmas break.  But the kids have also gotten exposure to lots of other animals that come to class on occasion.  Hen-hen the guinea pig, Bella the Hamster … Tuesday they got to meet Andromeda, a 3-day-old baby goat.  Today they get a puppy.  Kaelin is in hog heaven amongst all the animals.  She tells me that SHE got to hold Andromeda TWICE, when all the other kids only got to hold her once.  Koren seemed pretty indifferent to the goat but is excited about the puppy.

* * *

This is a note for CRAFTERS (or anyone who needs to buy gifts for them) – Joann’s is having a 40% off sale THIS WEEK ONLY on just about everything that pertains to scrapbooking and card-making.  Also, you can use coupon codes NFSE20 and NFSE22 online to get 50% OFF any item that’s not already on sale.  That’s some pretty significant savings, so get thee to the store!!!  Joann’s is on my Awesome list lately, because their online store will still ship most orders all the way to Homer, Alaska for less than $8.

* * *

Our library has been out of commission for over a week.  The server went down on the 11th and nobody knows what to do to fix it.  So no one can check out any books until they get it up and running again.  Bummer.  At least they still do Story Hour on Wednesdays.  Yesterday, the kids made a craft that will be displayed in some Art gallery in town during the month of February.

* * *

We’ve been to our little Homer Theater a couple of times in the past month.  When we moved here, this theater had a sign out front for several months that read, “Boiler’s broken, bring your coat to the movie.”  The lobby/concessions is the size of my kitchen (maybe) and they only take cash or check.  They have PEPSI signs everywhere but only serve Coke.  The bathrooms hold one person at a time.  There’s only one screen, it’s a bit bigger than our media room screen in Dallas, and they play 2 movies per day.  And the movies are on actual film strips.  Fun times!

* * *


  • Safeway/Tom Thumb’s “O” Brand Organic No-Stir Creamy Peanut Butter is the best peanut butter in the world.  It’s organic, but you don’t have to stir it up or refrigerate it (is it just me, or is cold, hard peanut butter the WORST).  And it’s the best tasting peanut butter I’ve tried, organic or otherwise.
  • Organic Valley 2% milk is the bomb.  It’s slightly more expensive than Horizon, but has better animal management practices and tastes even better.  FACT: Organic Milk tastes better than the regular hormone- and antibiotic-laden stuff.  And it won’t make your daughter grow boobs at the age of 9.
  • I’m not a fan of most greek yogurts, but Fage yogurt is awesome.  I can never go back to American yogurt.  Ladies, suck it up and get the 2% instead of the Fat Free.  It’s worth it.  I particularly like their little duo cups that have the yogurt on one side and the fruit mix on the other, so you mix it yourself.  It doesn’t get runny like the other greek yogurts that try to put it all in the same container.
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Shutterfly Photo Cards

23 Oct

I have a thing for photo cards.  Specifically, Christmas photo cards.  I think EVERYONE should send photo cards.  Every year.

I love pasting them all over my refrigerator and seeing how people and their kids have changed from one year to the next.  They stay on my refrigerator for months after the regular cards have hit the trash can.  I occasionally dream of creating annual scrapbook pages of all the holiday photo cards we get, which falls into the category of “Things I might have time to do after the kids leave for college, or maybe in retirement.”  But a girl can dream.

I also make an effort to send them out every year – or at least to send out a photo IN the Christmas cards because I know that for some friends/family, it’s the only photo of us and/or the kids they will get all year.

These days, I typically design my own because I have the resources to do so.  However, I know that’s not really an option for most people.  If you have professional pictures taken during this time of year, you can get photo cards printed through the photographer, but again, that’s not always an option because it can get cost-prohibitive.

Fortunately, there is a cheaper alternative.  You can still get well-printed cards with cute premade designs and upload your own pictures.  And we’re not talking those ugly Wal-Mart card designs.

They have several card sizes and options, but I personally like the square cards because they’re a little more unique.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Swirl Damask Noir

Scrapbook Style Blue

Bright Blooming Tree

Christmas may seem a little far away but it will be here before you know it.  Get your cards taken care of now so that you won’t have to worry about it during the mad rush of the Holiday season.  And also, because you can get them for 20% off plus free shipping.

So those of you on a budget (time or money), get thee to Shutterfly and make those Christmas/Holiday cards.  My refrigerator needs some art!

Another great idea is sending personalized thank you cards for all those Christmas gifts. A “thank you” means more when it has a picture attached!

Get Free Cards

Do you want 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly? Click here to go to Shutterfly for information on how you can get 50 free cards this holiday season, and make sure to select Clever 1000 as the referral source.

This post is part of a series sponsored by Shutterfly. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.

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A Request from Me to You

02 Apr

I know I complain about things (because that’s what blogs are for, right?), but in reality I am very aware that I AM SO BLESSED. So very blessed.

I have a terrific family. I have a brilliant, beautiful and vivacious daughter and another healthy baby on the way. My husband is my love and would never do me wrong. We have all our needs met and are financially stable. J and I are both able to work from home at jobs we enjoy. And we are all in good health.

I am incredibly fortunate in every way. But some are not. And it breaks my heart to see life so … imbalanced at times.

Please go read this. Seriously, go read it. Don’t just glean what it’s about from my post.

I have done a couple of templates for Lisa in the past and know her to be a kind, fun, spunky and strong individual. And now she will have to be stronger than ever.

Lisa needs to take her kids to Disney World. This is not a request that she has made – it is something we’re doing for her. I have done what I can to help but it’s not enough. If you can help too – even just a tiny amount – you could bring a much needed blessing to her family.

As a side note, there are raffle prizes available for donations – for details go here.

Thank you.

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Crop-In-Style Gear

10 Jun

Does anybody want one of these?


We’re trying to de-clutter and I have one left over from my scrapbook store days. It’s navy and never been used. Name your own price. You do have to pay for shipping though.

I also have one of these:


It’s navy too, still in the plastic bag.


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06 Apr

Cantoni was totally fun yesterday. They got one of those Fom pillows and taped it to my belly to “enhance” the fact that I’m pregnant. I looked like I was about ready to pop at any moment.
Then I was paired with a guy named Todd and we were “the expectant couple” lounging on the couch (the round couch that was totally cool and I really wanted to take it home with me).

We were basically cracking up the whole time because he kept having to do things like put his hand on my belly, pat the belly, kiss the belly, rub the belly, and it was just plain weird…although admittedly, it probably would have been weirder if it had been my real belly. Then we ditched the “baby” and did some shots as the “professional couple” coming home from a long day of work and collapsing on the couch, which of course is what we had wanted to do from the beginning (what else could a couch like that be for?). I hope that one turned out ok, but I think it may have been a little stiff due to the fact that I had to fall backwards onto Todd and was really worried that I was going to clock him right in the face.
Can’t wait to see how the commerical turns out. Apparently they’re going to be airing it in several major cities across the country toward the end of the month.
Also got to be in some Tostitos shots while I was there for some internal video they did. Fun stuff. I hope I get the opportunity to do some more work like that. All the people at the production studio were great to work with and seemed like really neat people.

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Baby is Good for Business

24 Mar

I get to be in a Cantoni commerical as the pregnant lady on the couch. Of course, at this stage that will require some padding, but I’m totally looking forward to it. And I really want that couch. It’s 5 feet in diameter and perfectly round. It’s called the Cuddle Lounge. Check it out on their website.

Even cooler than getting to sit on a comfy couch in front of a camera, is the fact that this commercial will help to alleviate some of the repressed guilt I have over not applying my 4 years as a theatre major to my carreer.