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Flea be Gone… But Please Leave Me My Dog

27 Aug

We found a flea, so both pets got the flea treatment.  We weren’t able to get Hastings the oral kind this time so we did the back-of-the-neck treatment.  I don’t know what’s in that stuff but it must be some serious toxin.  Aside from the warnings all over the package not to let the dog come in contact with cats, children, adults, or water with fish in it during the first 24 hours after treatment, we noticed that Hastings exhibited some strange behavior during that time.

First, he started doing things he KNOWS he’s not allowed to do, such as go upstairs.  Twice that day I found him on the second floor and he seemed completely unaware of why he was getting scolded.  And then there’s the part where he tried to bury his own head in the back yard:

He’s never been a digger, so this behavior was really unusual.  The next day, he wandered out to the back yard and stood over the hole, tilted his head and looked down into it as if to say “Who put this here?”

I don’t think we’ll be trying that particular flea treatment again.



26 Aug

This is Rocco.  He joined our family last Saturday at 12 weeks old.  I picked him up just outside of Austin and drove home with him through some pretty torrential downpours.  What should have been a 3.5 hour return trip turned into 5 hour drive with massive traffic.  Blech.

Kaelin has been begging for a pet for several months now, but even though we had committed to get Rocco several weeks ago, the kids knew nothing of our new companion until they walked into the bedroom and he was there (we told them to come downstairs because they had some laundry to put up.

I have since been told multiple times that I am the BEST! MOM! in the WHOLE! UNIVERSE! – and I have the video recordings to prove it should they change their minds in the future.

Once we got home, he adjusted pretty quickly.  He was pretty worn out from his big day, and immediately found a nice place to nest on my pillow.

Later that evening, he curled up behind me and fell asleep on his back while grooming himself.

He’s a super cuddle bug and his motor starts running the second you touch him – even if he’s mad at you for not letting him explore the closet.  He loves to play and will chase just about anything – including the pants you’re trying to put on in the morning or your feet under the covers even when you’re CERTAIN you haven’t moved.

I’ll have more pictures and videos to post of him in the near future I’m sure.  Kittens have a way of hijacking your focus, even when they aren’t actually doing anything.


Prayers for Xander

07 Aug

We learned that Koren’s best friend is in the hospital after a near-drowning incident.  He’s currently in a coma, but people in a coma have been known to hear what’s going on around them, so we asked Koren if he wanted to make some messages for Xander that could be played in his ear.

After praying, he decided it was time to tell Xander a story about Dinosaurs.  He tells me that he and Xander used to pretend to be dinosaurs on the playground – he would be the T-Rex and Xander would be the “Spiky Dinosaur.”

Is there anything else you want to tell Xander?

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Florida 2012: Dinner Cruise

15 Jul

Wednesdays are Family Night on the dinner cruise, so we took advantage of the opportunity.

In the ticket line

Jassy’s reaction any time Kaelin picks her up is to plant long kisses on her face.

While waiting to board, we stopped in the gift shop and Kaelin picked up her fourth stuffed animal souvenir. My daughter might be mildly obsessed with stuffed animals.

It was a great time, mostly due to two things:  Fruity coconut drinks that were ohsoyummy (yay more commemorative cups!)…

And watching the girls tear it up on the dance floor.

They were hilarious.  They started in the aisle by our table…

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Florida 2012: Red Robin

15 Jul

We worked up quite an appetite at Miracle Strip, so we went to Red Robin for dinner.  Unfortunately, the kitchen staff was apparently working with half a burner, as the food took exceptionally long to prepare.  We had been there for about an hour and a half when the server finally came over with a tray of baskets.  To our dismay, he was only bringing us fries to snack on while we waited.

Nonetheless, the girls did surprisingly well with the wait, and Jassy even treated us to a performance of… interpretive dancing? with a piece of ice.  This kid cracks me up.

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Florida 2012: Breakers

14 Jul

Our first night in PCB, we enjoyed a nice dinner at Breakers.  We were actually on our way to another restaurant, but traffic along the main beach road was so terrible on a Saturday night that we gave up before reaching our destination and settled for the closest restaurant we saw at that point.  It was a good decision, as Breakers turned out to be a very enjoyable meal and atmosphere, complete with a live band.

The food was good too, and I enjoyed spending time with my girl.

But the ambiance of the place wouldn’t have been complete without my niece Jasmine, who has inherited her father’s love of music.

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13 May


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05 Jul

Tuesday is Gymnastics Day, and the kids love it.  It’s the one place I can drop Koren off (besides the new summer camp, apparently) where I don’t have to worry about him refusing to leave my side.  Kaelin is the best in her class at the springboard-somersault-onto-the-elevated-mat combo.

Not sure why the video is so tiny. Apparently there’s a learning curve to iMovie that I haven’t quite mastered yet.

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