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My Assistant

28 Aug

Working from home on occasion does have its benefits.  Like kitty cuddles in the middle of the day.

And also, this:

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It’s Starting to Echo in Here

23 Oct

Oh, hello poor neglected little blog.

I have discovered lately that working 32 hours per week means that I have much less time for things like grocery shopping, doing laundry, and blogging.  Consequently, Kaelin ends up buying lunch a LOT, Jens ends up doing emergency loads of laundry while I’m at work, and this little website gets very still and quiet.

Things have been especially busy recently because we’ve been celebrating Kaelin’s 6th birthday and the Rangers are in the World Series (in case you didn’t know, I work at the ball park, which means we attend home games, including the World Series – it’s kind of a big deal around here).

So bear with me as I attempt to catch up a little, now that we finally have a day to breathe… at least, for a few hours and then we have another World Series game (which will hopefully go better than last night’s game HOLY COW).

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Labor Day in Review

05 Sep

I typically find holidays to be boring.  Weekends too.  There just seems to come a point at the end (or earlier) of each day when I’m sitting around with nothing to do.  By about mid-way through a weekend, I find myself wishing I could just skip the rest and get back into the weekly routine.

Today was Labor Day.  And I spent the whole day NOT being bored.  It was lovely.

The weather was amazing. A high of 86 with a cool morning.  Jens got it into his head that he should spend the entire day working, so he got an early start on cleaning out our disaster zone of a sunroom.  Since moving in, it has been the depository for empty boxes, stuff we didn’t want to bother finding a place for, and stuff we just haven’t needed that remained unpacked and stacked in a mess of boxes.  With the weather consistently above 100° F, our motivation to make any progress in organizing the room has been nonexistent.

By 9am this morning, Jens had made some very impressive progress in clearing out the room and breaking down the boxes.  The kids played around the sunroom and out in the front yard.  They have been unable to actually play outside all summer (except in the pool) so they were thrilled beyond belief to ride their bikes and scooters up and down the sidewalk.

I helped intermittently with the cleaning project, but I was mostly in mental rebellion about working on Labor Day.  I mean, seriously.  Isn’t the point of Labor Day to celebrate by NOT working?

I did, however, manage to go on a run for the first time since injuring my knee at the beginning of May.  The weather was cool with a nice breeze and it was perfect jogging weather.  I thoroughly enjoyed my run, even though I took it pretty easy and only ran 2 miles.  My knee held up just fine.  My lungs, however, complained mightily about the oxygen difference between Texas and sea-level Alaska.  Or maybe they’re just out of shape.

While I was jogging, Jens took the kids to the park (another activity they’ve been denied over the past 3+ months) and I met up with them there.  Afterward, we enjoyed some lunch at Pei Wei and then some rest/play time back at home.  We colored, the kids played outside some more, we ran an errand at Target while Jens did homework, and the kids enjoyed playing in the newly cleaned sunroom.  We can’t use the room much in the summer or dead of winter, but for the rest of the year, it’s like getting an extra 200 square feet added to our house.

Now, the kids are in bed and we’re winding down for the night.  Tomorrow, I start work.  I’m really looking forward to that, though I wish my computer and office furniture would get delivered soon so that I could be a little more useful.  I anticipate a bit of a learning curve, but think it will be material I can grasp.  I enjoy learning new things, especially when I can immediately apply the knowledge to daily activities.

I think working will continue to strengthen my appreciation for holidays and weekends as well.

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It’s So Quiet Here Today

22 Aug

So now that the kids are both in school, there’s a good likelihood that I will be returning to work.

Remember a while ago where we had to restructure our spending and finances in order to get back on track?  We’re still plugging away at that and things are on the right track, but since the opportunity has arisen to bring in a little extra income and cut our “getting out of debt” timeline by 3/4 – well, it just seems like the responsible thing to do.

It’s like our version of the “balanced budget” approach. /end unrelated political commentary

One thing that I’m really trying to work on is my credit score.  It’s not abysmal or anything, since we have never had a problem with late payments.  However, the debt-to-available credit ratio is less than desirable, and it does affect a credit score.

Actually, I didn’t have any idea what my actual score number was until I recently applied for a car loan.  Most credit agencies want to charge you to share this information with you, but there are various ways to obtain a free credit score – though you usually have to sign up for some kind of a trial membership or something.

So here’s to new beginnings.  New schools, new jobs, new goals.

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Unrelated Little Tidbits that Aren’t Long Enough to Warrant Their Own Post

20 Jan

I love how my kids cheer for breakfast.  It’s great to bring a carefully prepared plate out every morning to the resounding cheer of “BREAKFAST!!!”

* * *

IMO, if it has to snow, it should be big, wonderful snowflakes, and not the tiny little wet snowy junk that came down all of yesterday.  I’m finding that I greatly prefer snow to rain when I have to be out in it… I just wish it didn’t stick around so long afterward.  I think Dallas has the right idea.  It snows, and it’s really exciting – then in 2 days the ground is clear.  EVERY TIME.

* * *

Can I just say that I’m proud of my husband for being such a hard worker.  He’s started his own company with a friend and has been taking on some projects in addition to his full-time job.  Yesterday he worked 15 hours and potentially has several more projects in the pipes for the next 6 months or so.

* * *

Koren’s newest thing is to say something that’s either outrageous or doesn’t make sense, and then “I’m just jokinnnn'” with a huge grin.  He’s such a ham.

* * *

We had a lynx in our yard.  Jens saw it when he was on a work call.  Had he not been on the phone, he probably would have gone out and shot it, because it was dragging one of its front legs.  We’re glad Hastings wasn’t tied up outside at the time.  Injured predators tend to go for easy prey, like tied up animals or children.  This one was in such bad shape though, it probably won’t last much longer.

* * *

Also in the wildlife category, Jens scared a moose half to death when he leaned over the railing in the dark and spit on it.  He didn’t know the moose was there and got quite a shock when it reared back in surprise.

* * *

Kaelin is getting so spoiled at school.  Her teacher is a fisherman whose family is like modern day hippies.  His wife sports dreads (this is Homer, where the women in dreads outnumber the women who wear makeup) and they raise just about every kind of animal you can imagine.  And they all come to school.  The class has a pet guinea pig, Bear, who is a permanent resident and you may remember as our house guest over Christmas break.  But the kids have also gotten exposure to lots of other animals that come to class on occasion.  Hen-hen the guinea pig, Bella the Hamster … Tuesday they got to meet Andromeda, a 3-day-old baby goat.  Today they get a puppy.  Kaelin is in hog heaven amongst all the animals.  She tells me that SHE got to hold Andromeda TWICE, when all the other kids only got to hold her once.  Koren seemed pretty indifferent to the goat but is excited about the puppy.

* * *

This is a note for CRAFTERS (or anyone who needs to buy gifts for them) – Joann’s is having a 40% off sale THIS WEEK ONLY on just about everything that pertains to scrapbooking and card-making.  Also, you can use coupon codes NFSE20 and NFSE22 online to get 50% OFF any item that’s not already on sale.  That’s some pretty significant savings, so get thee to the store!!!  Joann’s is on my Awesome list lately, because their online store will still ship most orders all the way to Homer, Alaska for less than $8.

* * *

Our library has been out of commission for over a week.  The server went down on the 11th and nobody knows what to do to fix it.  So no one can check out any books until they get it up and running again.  Bummer.  At least they still do Story Hour on Wednesdays.  Yesterday, the kids made a craft that will be displayed in some Art gallery in town during the month of February.

* * *

We’ve been to our little Homer Theater a couple of times in the past month.  When we moved here, this theater had a sign out front for several months that read, “Boiler’s broken, bring your coat to the movie.”  The lobby/concessions is the size of my kitchen (maybe) and they only take cash or check.  They have PEPSI signs everywhere but only serve Coke.  The bathrooms hold one person at a time.  There’s only one screen, it’s a bit bigger than our media room screen in Dallas, and they play 2 movies per day.  And the movies are on actual film strips.  Fun times!

* * *


  • Safeway/Tom Thumb’s “O” Brand Organic No-Stir Creamy Peanut Butter is the best peanut butter in the world.  It’s organic, but you don’t have to stir it up or refrigerate it (is it just me, or is cold, hard peanut butter the WORST).  And it’s the best tasting peanut butter I’ve tried, organic or otherwise.
  • Organic Valley 2% milk is the bomb.  It’s slightly more expensive than Horizon, but has better animal management practices and tastes even better.  FACT: Organic Milk tastes better than the regular hormone- and antibiotic-laden stuff.  And it won’t make your daughter grow boobs at the age of 9.
  • I’m not a fan of most greek yogurts, but Fage yogurt is awesome.  I can never go back to American yogurt.  Ladies, suck it up and get the 2% instead of the Fat Free.  It’s worth it.  I particularly like their little duo cups that have the yogurt on one side and the fruit mix on the other, so you mix it yourself.  It doesn’t get runny like the other greek yogurts that try to put it all in the same container.
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(tap tap) Is this thing on?

26 Jul

(cough, cough) Just a second, let me clear some dust away.

That’s better. Haven’t been around here much lately, I know. I’m finding that I’m too lazy to update both blogs so I’m going out on a limb here and doing some crossover, which I swore I would never do, but times change I suppose.

If you’re interested and want to see what’s going on with me and the fam on a more daily basis, comment or email me. If I’m reasonably confident that I know who you are and that you’re not a weirdo, I’ll give you the link to my not-so-anonymous website/blog.

I’m going to keep this one going for those things that I want to say but don’t want my family, employer or real-life friends to read (i.e. venting). But for the daily stuff, it’s mostly going on the other site.

Otherwise, here’s a quick rundown:

  • Koren is growing faster than his sister did. I bought all these preemie and newborn clothes expecting him to be wearing them for a while, but he’s already grown out of most of them.
  • Fortunately, he’s no longer eating like a starving wolverine and has settled into more of a 3-hour schedule.
  • He’s still still sleeping fairly well at night and will often go 4-5 hours during the first stretch. I just wish his 4-5 hours stretch would be the part in the middle of the night, instead of from 7pm-midnight. After that, he’s up every 3 hours.
  • Dude. It’s friggin HOT here.  Some sources say it will get up to 107 tomorrow.   I believe it.
  • Had the 6-week followup appointment and everything checked out well. Got the green light on sex, which makes my husband very happy. And I was pleased to find that the first time back in the saddle wasn’t nearly as painful this time around as it was after Kaelin.
  • Although, public service announcement, apparently KY Warming Jelly has an expiration date – even though it’s not printed on the tube. Don’t keep that stuff too long unless you want to know what it feels like to have a chemical sunburn on your girly parts. Seriously. Not cool.
  • Koren went through a phase of being darn near colicy. He wouldn’t sleep during the day and fussed incessantly. We’re not entirely sure why, but it might have had something to do with some herbal and nutritional supplements I was taking. We’ve had 3 not-so-bad days and that’s about how long I’ve been off the supplements. He still has “grumpy time” in the evening, but he is consolable. I’ll take that over an entire day of crying and bouncing any day.
  • Koren likes to be held. A lot. He’s a little high-maintenance in that way and it has totally prevented me from doing any work. So next week I have a babysitter coming a couple days per week so that I can do some work without being interrupted every 15 minutes.
  • Speaking of work HOLY MOTHER BUTTER PIES, it is so frustrating sometimes. See, I’m making a product catalog for my employer. Knowing I wouldn’t have much time after the baby came, I started on it a few months ago. But they’ve had me start completely over on it THREE TIMES because they keep changing the product line. And they want it done, like, last week.
  • And to complicate things, I can’t seem to get the product pictures from them. It goes like this:
    • I ask.
    • They give me a disc.
    • The disc contains the PDF files of the last catalog they had made – not the individual images.
    • I tell them I can’t use that and explain the difference between a picture and a PDF document of a catalog page.
    • They tell me they’re going to get pictures made.
    • They give me a disc.
    • The disc contains the PDF files of the the last catalog they had made.
    • Wash, rinse, repeat. WHY IS THIS SO DIFFICULT???
  • I haven’t had a chance to do ANY blog design.  You may have noticed that I still have my pregnancy theme on this site.
  • However, I have learned Expression Engine.  I don’t know why, but I’m kind of proud of that since a year ago I thought it was impossibly difficult to comprehend.  But now that I get it, I understand why everybody is so pumped about it.  It’s extremely flexible and customizable.  I’ve built several sites with it already and am using it on my personal website (not this one. the other one).
  • I HATE the fact that “Add this word to dictionary” is RIGHT UNDER the option to select a corrected word in Firefox spell check.  I keep adding misspelled words to my dictionary by accident.


22 May

Today my husband received a job offer for a position that would mean a $40K pay increase above what he is currently making. It sounds like a good company with good people, in a good position of growth, with lots of potential.

He turned it down.

And I’m glad.

Because I love having him work from home. I’ve become a total weenie when it comes to being here by myself all day. I love that Kaelin can run in to give him hugs at any point during the day (except when he’s on conference calls). I love that he can take 2 minutes in the middle of the day to help me bring in the groceries. I love that he’s happy with his job and the people he works with. I love that he doesn’t waste 2 hours of every day sitting in the car on the way to and from an office.

And the fact that I can have all these things and that he actually has a CHOICE to turn down a higher paying job because we’re not in dire need of the money* … well, that just makes me realize how truly blessed we are.

*I mean, don’t get me wrong, more money would always be nice and it’s not like we’re eating on silver spoons around here. But we’re comfortable and his current job contributes to a lot of that comfort.


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23 Apr

Dear Internet Explorer,

You are the double-crossing crack whore of browsers.

While mildly more tolerable, your latest incarnation, 7.0, is still just a poser.

I have tried placating you in every way I know how and yet you STILL insist on mangling my design in 6.0.  Even Lord Google cannot seem to help me overcome your influence, which has suddenly mutated into a new strain for which there is seemingly no cure available.

You suck.  Please die.  kthxbai.