Iron Man

22 Aug

Koren has been after me for a few days to play catch with him, and we finally got the chance to play for a bit.  After he had caught his 14th toss in a row, I asked him if he’s going to be a baseball player when he grows up.

“Yes.  Well, actually I’m going to be Iron Man when I grow up.  Iron Man the Baseball Player.”

He has a group of friends at school who have formed the preschool version of a superhero club.  They have each picked out their alter ego, and play superhero reenactments on the playground, saving “people that need to be saved.”  Koren is usually Iron Man, but he sometimes opts for Captain America.  Occasionally, their playground rescues even attract an audience, or so I’m told.

Sometimes when I pick him up, he’ll wave goodbye to his fellow superheros:  “Bye Batman, bye Thor!”

Raising a super hero is a pretty daunting responsibility.  I hope I’m up for the task.

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Called On the Carpet

17 Aug

One of the challenges of parenting is when it becomes difficult to tell who the parent actually is. This conversation took place in the car as we were coming home from work/school…

Me: Oh, that stupid truck.
Koren: Mama, why did you call that truck stupid?
Me: That wasn’t very nice of me, was it.  I said that because I was frustrated that those people have been blocking our driveway all day and now I have to drive backwards out of the alleyway and go around the long way just so we can get home.
Me:  But I guess that doesn’t mean that they’re stupid.
Koren: No.  Because we never call anybody stupid.
Me: You’re right.  I shouldn’t have said that.
Koren: Mama, you made a sad choice.
Me:  I suppose I did.  I’m sorry for my sad choice.
Koren: That’s ok.


Dang.   I think I have rug burns from that one.

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Prayers for Xander

16 Aug

“Mama, tonight you pray for Xander and I’ll pray for his parents.  Dear God, please help Xander’s parents not be so sad because they miss him. And help Xander make it rain whenever their house has a crack.  A. Men.”

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16 Aug

Tuesday, Xander’s sister (B) asked their mom (M) why there was a big crack beside the house.  M replied that it was too dry and hot outside, and that we needed rain.  B said, “I’m going to ask my brother to make it rain for us so our house doesn’t crack.”

A short while later, it started raining.  It rained for HOURS.

At bedtime, Koren was struggling with the thunder and lightening.  I would comfort him in all the ways I knew how, but he kept coming out of his room saying he was afraid.  Eventually, I told him the story of B asking Xander for rain.

He slept after that.  No more problems.  At one point, he even said, “Mama, I like the rain.”

“I like the rain too, Bud.”

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Big Boy Bed

16 Aug

Koren’s bed just got an 18″ extension… which was long overdue, as you can see from where his feet come to.  But he’s very proud of his “new” bed and what a big boy he is now.  Thanks Jens for figuring out how to extend this counter-intuitive piece of work!



15 Aug

This is what happens when I take too long with the camera:

And this is what happens when we tell her she has to try something new at meal time:


Prayers for Xander

14 Aug

“Dear God, please help Xander’s parents not be so sad.  And please help Xander find all the fun places in Heaven with you.”

I think he’s still hoping there’s a Chuck E. Cheese up there.

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First Grade

14 Aug

The first day of school snuck up on me this year.  Seriously.  To the point that I was running around THIS MORNING trying to find a backpack that a) was big enough to hold actual school books, and b) didn’t look like it had been through a viking invasion.

Kaelin was a little apprehensive beforehand, but still did better than I expected, considering it was the first day of a new class in a new school where she hardly knew anybody and the few people she did know weren’t in her class.  When she came home, she was full of sunshine and apparently had a “GREAT!” day.  She even got to see her friends from other classes throughout the day.  Her teacher seems really sweet and we have heard nothing but good things about her.  I’m looking forward to the rest of this year, I think it will be a really good one.

Also… I’ve always been kind of anti-uniform.  But seriously?  Could she be cuter?

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