Bed Time

08 Apr

I walked into Kaelin’s room after she had gone to sleep to be sure her light was turned off.  I discovered to my surprise that I was unable to navigate through a menagerie of stuffed animals that had been carefully and meticulously put to bed.

She has been particularly interested in her collection of Vitamin Kitties lately.  She requested that all the “spare” kitties be taken down from the box in her closet so that she could play with them all.  She has since done everything with her entire litter of kitties, including sharing her breakfast with them and brushing their teeth before bed.

And of course, putting them to bed appropriately:

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Dying Eggs

08 Apr

“Mama, why do the eggs have to die?”


We had some friends from down the street over yesterday to dye Easter eggs.  It was lots of fun and nobody spilled dye all over the kitchen!  I would love to have gotten a picture of all four of them, but once the boys joined the project, I ran out of time to man the camera.

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08 Apr

A fun day.  It started earlier than we would have liked, but I can’t really complain about the kids sleeping until 6:50 am, especially when there are Easter baskets to be discovered.

The Easter baskets and their contents brought lots of smiles and squeals.  However, it should be noted that when you’re trying to avoid an overload of candy, filling Easter baskets becomes significantly more expensive.

At one point, Koren asked if the Easter bunny was real, and did it REALLY come to our house and give us presents?  I defaulted to my “I’m-not-going-to-straight-out-lie-to-you-but-that-doesn’t-mean-I-have-to-tell-you-everything” Mommy answer: “What do you think?” to which he responded “Yes” with a delighted grin.

Kaelin then clarified: “Koren.  Think about it.  It would be impossible for Mama and Daddo to get all of this stuff last night and put it all out here.”

Yes.  THAT would be impossible.  But an oversized egg-laying rabbit breaking into people’s houses in the middle of the night to deposit a seemingly unlimited quantity of goodies?  TOTALLY PLAUSIBLE.

I love kids.

After the fun and games, we sat down to discuss the real reason we celebrate Easter.  Kaelin was already familiar with the story, but raised the excellent question of why in the world we call the day Jesus was killed “Good Friday.”  Koren grappled with the concept of Jesus being different from, but the same as, God.  And both kids seemed to connect with the idea of someone else paying the consequences for the bad things we do.  Kaelin had a momentary epiphany-turned-disappointment when she exclaimed that since Jesus died, now she doesn’t have to have consequences for disobeying, RIGHT???

Wrong, kiddo.  But nice try.

Because apparently I am unable to coerce my kids into wearing shoes for a photo.

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Easter Egg Hunt

01 Apr

It’s that time of year again!  When gobs of brightly colored candy mysteriously appear out of plastic eggs distributed by a ginormous mutant rabbit and fill our pantries and our children with sugary delight!  Or something.

We participated in the annual week-before-Easter egg hunt.  It’s free and well run by the neighborhood.  We always have a fun time.

This year, cousin Jassy got to participate as well. Kaelin was thrilled to be her mentor and led her around the field showing her how to hunt for eggs.

Both kids were among the oldest in their age group, so they made out pretty well in the egg department.

I appreciated the fact that this year the neighborhood stocked the field with a variety of goodies other than candy (though there was plenty of that too).

The kids' favorite prize. Because nothing says Easter like black slime.


Do No Harm

10 Mar

I was 20 miles past my exit before I realized where I was.  I had been talking furiously with doctors, nurses, and poor staff members that landed the unfortunate roll of dealing with the woman on the phone when the doctor was too “busy” to talk to me personally.  And in my irate state of mind, I had driven to another city instead of to the preschool to pick up my son.

My son who, for the last 2 years, has suffered with an occasional and inexplicable asthma-like malady that strikes suddenly and without warning, always in the middle of the night.  It’s not asthma.  It might be croup, though there’s not always the tell-tale cough typically associated with croup.  It typically hits any time his immune system is down, and is usually the first symptom we see.  Then we’ll take him in to the ER or after hours clinic to discover he has strep or an infection or a common cold.

The general middle-of-the-night treatment is to give him a strong dose of steroids, perhaps with some antibiotics, and send us on our way.  The steroids do their thing and within a couple of hours he’s back to normal.  Steaming showers, cold air, humidifiers, breathing treatments – they all prove completely ineffective.

However, we were about to embark on a vacation to a remote location in the mountains where the air is extremely dry, and his immune system had shown signs over the previous day of being sub-par… a recipe for disaster.  In this remote cabin location, a trip to the ER in the middle of the night for steroids would turn into an all-night ordeal, if not a complete failure, and I was not about to head into such disaster without being prepared.  So I called the doctor who had previously prescribed the steroid for him to ask for a preventative dose, since obtaining one after the symptoms began would be next to impossible.

I was told that I needed to bring Koren in for an exam, because the doctor wouldn’t prescribe medication without seeing the patient.  That’s reasonable.  But I couldn’t make an appointment because it’s a walk-in clinic.  So I had to wait until I got off work to call and schedule us.

When I called to do so on the way home, I was then told that the doctor wouldn’t prescribe preventative medication.  Apparently  I had wasted an entire day waiting for an appointment that would not give me what I needed.  We were leaving for Colorado the next day.  I argued that he had prescribed the medication before, so he was aware of the condition Koren has, and I described exactly why we needed the medication now.

But the doctor refused.  He would not prescribe a medication unless the patient was currently showing symptoms.  I questioned him (through his assistant, since he would not actually come to the phone to speak with me in person) on whether he would also refuse to give a patient an Epi-Pen unless they were currently in anaphylactic shock.

Still, he wouldn’t budge.  He said they were an emergency clinic, and that I needed to speak with our pediatrician for preventative care.

Except that our pediatrician had never seen Koren during any of his episodes – since they only happen in the middle of the night.  Also: it was after 4pm – how was I supposed to set an appointment to see the pediatrician if we were leaving the next day?

I called the pediatrician’s office to see if there was some way, any way, that we could get in to see a doctor or a nurse or someone with a little bit of compassion and the ability to prescribe steroids.  Miraculously, they were able to squeeze us in at the very last second of the business day.  A doctor we had never seen before stayed late to fit us in, and was kind enough to give us a reserve dose of the steroid Koren needs, despite the fact that there was no record in his file of this illness or prescription (we also discovered that unlike the lovely Acute Kids, the clinic we had been visiting in the middle of the night doesn’t bother to send records to pediatricians).

We were able to make our Colorado trip with peace of mind, and even Koren didn’t even end up having an episode.  I may have gained some grey hairs in the process, but knowing we won’t have to make another ER trip in the middle of the night any time soon is worth it.

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Kaelinisms: Anti-Terror Edition

25 Feb

“Dear God, please help Aana have a good flight home on her plane and please let nobody blow it up like they did a long time ago and killed a bunch of people.  In Jesus’ name, amen.”

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Did I Just Get Hit by Robin Hood?

23 Feb

I’ve never had reason to consider IdentityHawk or other identity theft protection services.  But recently my credit card information was stolen and used – despite the fact that the actual card never left my possession.  I didn’t have any idea anything had happened until I got a call from the Fraud Department.

They wanted to know if I had recently had a pizza party.

And donated to the SPCA.

In England.

Um.  No.

While I appreciate the apparent philanthropic generosity and low-level theft of the perpetrator, that didn’t stop me from filling out the fraud investigation report the moment it arrived in my mailbox.

It’s a good thing my credit card company keeps a better eye on my expenditures than I do.

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Note to Self

22 Feb

If you have kids who are prone to rummaging through the refrigerator when you’re not looking, it’s a good idea to clean out said fridge from time to time.  Kaelin didn’t sleep well last night and missed half of school today due to a stomach ache.

Actually, I think we’re pretty fortunate that she only had a stomach ache.

I think those black-eyed peas were from New Years.

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