Korenisms: Helicopters Edition

03 Nov

“Daddo, you know what I decided?”
“That you and me need to go on a guys trip.  And we need to ride helicopters because that would be so sweet and I’ve never ridden a helicopter before.”
“Well… neither have I.  You don’t want the girls to come?”
“No.  They can ride planes.”

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November Thanksgiving

02 Nov

Day 2

As I mentioned, I’m thankful that I have a job.  But I’m also thankful that even if I didn’t have a job, our family could still manage on Jens’ income (as we did for several years).  Things might have been a little slimmer a year ago, but we have never gone without.  Even when medical bills started rolling in and we had to trim all the fat off our budget, we were never in a position of being unable to make ends meet.

Jens works for a small but successful company that takes care of its own.  The principals of the company are concerned about the wellbeing of their employees and are genuinely good people to work with and for.  Jens is encouraged and motivated in his job.  And as far as we know, he’s not at any real risk of being laid off in the near future.

Having seen him go through a few terrible work environments to get to this place, I can vouch for how much of a person’s overall wellbeing is affected by their work environment.  We are very aware that this kind of employment security and utopia is not universal.

We are the 45%.

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November Thanksgiving

01 Nov

I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon and do the Daily Thing I’m Thankful For during the month of November.  Except, I’m late, so I’m cheating and backdating the first 15 or so posts.  So nyah.

Although, I would like to point out that I’m NOT going to cheat and list the really obvious things like my family, friends and God.  Because deep down inside, you know that’s taking the easy way out on days you can’t come up with something new.

So here it is.

Day 1

I’m thankful that I have a job.  In this economy, I suppose most people could stop there and be satisfied.  But I can go on.

I have a job that pays me well and gives good benefits, and even perks (like watching World Series games from the office balcony).  But most importantly, I wake up enthused on Monday mornings because I actually look forward to getting to the office and seeing what’s on tap for the day.  I enjoy the challenges and new experiences I get to take part in.  I love the fact that I have the opportunity to learn new skills hands-on, instead of in a classroom.  I like my boss(es).  I occasionally get to work from home, which means being able to walk/jog my daughter to school on those mornings.

I have a great job.  And for that, I am thankful.

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Big Bad Wolf

01 Nov

I finally got Koren’s individual Halloween pictures taken (see Kaelin’s here).  Fortunately, he’s feeling quite a bit better today and his cough is barely noticeable.

Oh, and Tracie, I borrowed your front yard because the sun was too strong in ours 🙂

Ok, it’s officially time to put away the Halloween costumes and march bravely toward the next holiday.  I’m already in Christmas mode for some reason.  I asked Jens today if we could pull out the Christmas tree this week and start decorating.  He was appalled.  Since his birthday falls at the end of November, he’s always had a strict rule that Christmas Season may not commence until his birthday has passed.

He might not get his way this year.

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Red Riding Hood and the Little Bad Wolf

31 Oct

This year I made plans to visit the Dallas Arboretum with the kids the weekend before Halloween to get some pictures of them in their costumes.

That was a really bad idea.

We drove all the way there, and all the parking lots were closed (full).  They directed us to a parking lot several blocks away where we could get a shuttle to get to the Arboretum.  Except that lot was full and there was a line of about 150 people waiting for the shuttle.

Since patience is not my strongest virtue, we gave up on the Arboretum.  We did manage to find a small pumpkin patch closer to our house, where the kids enjoyed a bounce house, hay maze and pumpkin-launching catapult.

Oh, and pictures.

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30 Oct

This week Kaelin’s school had a Vocabulary Parade.  Each child selected a word off a list and had to come up with a costume that depicts the word they selected.

(Don’t you love those school projects that are really homework for the parents?)

We chose the word “twirl” because it has pretty much been one of Kaelin’s favorite activities since she could walk.

For the “costume” part, we put her in her twirliest (I can’t believe spell-check hasn’t balked at that word) dress.  To display the word, we strung 3D letters from a ribbon and hung them from a stick so they could twirl around as she walked.

Fortunately, this little project didn’t take more than half an hour (a good thing since we were cramming the night before it was due) and Kaelin was happy to help paint the letters.  I really wish I could have seen the “parade” – I’m sure there were a lot of fun costumes, and it would have been neat to see what the other parents students had come up with.

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In Which We Successfully Stayed Out of the ER for the First Time Ever

29 Oct

Well, Fall is officially here.  And with it comes the first illness of the season.

Last night as I was putting Koren to bed, I commented to Jens that I hoped he wasn’t getting sick.  He felt warm and was complaining of being cold.  He was grumpy, but it was also 10:00pm, way past his bedtime.

And then I started thinking, “You know, I can’t really remember giving him his vitamins for the past several days.”

Sure enough, he woke up with The Wheeze at about 1:30.  It kind of freaked him out and he started crying, which always makes it So. Much. Worse.

He was pretty much in a state of delirium when he came to the top of the stairs.

“Koren, what’s wrong?”
(between sobs) “I said I wanted jammy pants too!”
“You’re wearing jammy pants.”

We calmed him and put him back to bed three times, hoping that it wouldn’t get any worse and he’d still be able to sleep.  No such luck.  Aside from steroids, the only thing that helps ease his labored breathing is activity – sitting up, talking, walking about.

And you can guess how much of that he and I wanted to do at 2:30, 3:30, 4:30 am.  After some upright conversation, we spent the night in the media room with him propped up in a sitting position.  It helped enough that we were able to get through the night without another trip to the ER (a first), but neither of us got much sleep.

(and, apparently, neither did Jens)

Jens took him in to the Care Now facility when they opened this morning and he was able to get his dose of steroids.  After that, he perked right up, but the rest of us were still feeling the effects of being shortchanged on sleep.

My parents were gracious enough to collect Kaelin and take her to the local fall festival that we had planned to attend today.  So she has been gone all afternoon, which allowed us to finally get him to take a nap about 1:30pm, at which point I laid down and got a good 2 hours of rest too.

So today turned out to be much less active than I had planned, but after last weekend I don’t really mind a low-key, restful Saturday.

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29 Oct

This year the kids are going as Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf.  Since Kaelin is all dressed up to attend a local fall festival today, I decided to take some early pictures.  Unfortunately, Koren is sick today so he wasn’t available for this morning’s photo shoot.

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