How to Lose a Tooth… Literally

29 Jul

I am, once again, up in the middle of the night thanks to a son who is determined not to sleep through the night until he’s 14.  Thank God I have one kid who sleeps like a rock, or I’d be guano crazy by now.

It also doesn’t help that the dog’s stomach has been gurgling louder than a freight train for hours, and he wants to go outside repeatedly at 2:30 in the morning. Once you trek upstairs/outside 5 times, sleep starts to elude, so I guess I might as well get some blogging done.  Though I can’t guarantee coherency in this post, due to my current state of mind.

It’s been hanging on by a thread for a week, but Kaelin was finally able to pull her second front tooth out tonight.  Or would that be last night, as it’s now 4:30am?

She and Jens spent about 45 minutes in the bathroom with floss tied around her tooth, basically pep-talking her into making the pull.  She’s tried twice before to yank it out, without success, but it was definitely ready tonight.  A couple of excerpts from the lengthy conversation:

“Daddo, why did God make it so our teeth would fall out?”
“Because when you’re little you have a small head so you need small teeth.  But as your head grows, you need bigger teeth.”
“My HEAD is growing?”
(considering the implications of this) “Daddo… will I lose other parts of my head?”
“What do you mean?”
“Like my nose?  Will my nose fall off and I’ll get a new nose?”
“No, your nose just grows with your head.”
“Then why don’t my teeth grow?”
“Um… that’s a good question.”

“Daddo, Adam and Eve must have had lots of children.”
“Yes, they did.”
“Why do some people have lots of kids but you and Mama only have two?”
“Some people choose to have lots of kids, and some people decide that one or two is enough.”
“How can you choose to have kids?  Like, if you decide you want another kid, how do you get one?”
“…Have you given your tooth a good yank recently?  Let’s see if it’s any looser.”

In the end, she worked up enough gumption to yank the tooth.  It came flying out, bounced once on the floor and off Jens’ knee… AND DISAPPEARED.

We spent 20 minutes scouring the bathroom and Jens’ clothing for the tooth, with no success.  It had vanished into thin air.

In desperation, Jens removed the towels hanging on the door.  He had previously shaken these same towels, but apparently the tooth had managed to wedge itself so far inside one of the towels that it had to be removed from the wall to dislodge it.  The tooth fell to the floor and Kaelin pounced on it.


This is Kaelin’s 5th tooth out.  As she was dabbing the bit of blood from her mouth after the extraction, she turned to Jens.

“Uh oh, Daddo.”
“Here we go again…”

And with that, she wiggled a 6th tooth, which is in fact quite loose.  It’s a good thing her big teeth come in fast or my poor kid wouldn’t be able to eat.


Sea Life Aquarium

18 Jul

Sadly, the mural in the entrance of the Sea Life Aquarium is cooler than any of the fish that are actually in the aquarium.

After the Rainforest Cafe, we headed over to the Sea Life Aquarium, which just opened in the Grapevine Mills mall.

I have pretty much determined that only crazy people attempt the Grapevine Mills mall on weekends.

There are apparently a lot of crazy people in Dallas.

The crowds were insane and there was about a two-hour line to get in.  Fortunately, Iris was once again brilliant and purchased tickets ahead of time – so we were able to skip the line and go straight in.

Tickets for the Sea Life Aquarium start at $12.75.  Perhaps we’re just spoiled by the amazing and cheap aquatic museums in Alaska, but for that price we all left feeling a little disappointed.  It’s a cool thing to have inside a mall… but for the ticket price and having to fight the crowd of people pouring through it… I have to give it a thumbs down.

There’s a stingray exhibit that’s neat, and a 10′ glass tunnel where you walk through an aquarium and have fish swimming all around you.  Koren voiced his disappointment at the size of the sharks, which weren’t any bigger than him.  The rest of the fish were pretty nondescript.

At the end of the tour, there’s a “petting” aquarium where the kids can touch stuff in the tanks.  EXCEPT THAT TANK, WHICH IS JUST AS ACCESSIBLE AS ALL THE OTHERS BUT HAS STINGING ANEMONES IN IT SO DON’T TOUCH.

There are about 2-3 actual critters in each tank.  The rest of the tank is just fake sea rocks with equally fake anemones on it.  Coming from Alaska, where they will stuff literally hundreds of starfish and crabs and sea urchins into a petting tank, this was a bit surprising.  Kaelin’s conversation with the attending employee went like this:

“What’s that?”
“That? It’s a sea urchin.”
“No… that.”
“Oh, that’s just a part of the environment rock.  It’s not real.”
“Oh.  What’s that?”
“That’s not real either.”
“What’s that over there?”
“Another part of the rock.”
“Is it real?”

When you enter, the kids are given a scratch-off quiz to complete as they tour the exhibit.  There are a series of question stations along the way and they are given various multiple-choice answers to scratch off.  They are told that when they reach the gift shop at the end, that they can turn in their answers for a PRIZE!!!

Be forewarned.  The “prize” is a sticker.  A sticker that you have to walk through the entire gift shop of tempting (and hella-pricey) goodies to acquire.

The glass tunnel

Kaelin & Jas

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Rainforest Cafe

18 Jul

Koren spent the first half hour with his hands on his ears.

Today (well ok, it’s technically YESTERDAY but as I’m having a bout of insomnia it still feels like an extension of today) we visited the Rainforest Cafe.  I’ve heard about the place for years, but have never been.  Despite being dark and deafeningly loud, it turned out to be a fun experience.

Once Koren worked up the courage to open his eyes, he realized that the moving animals weren’t actually going to jump out and eat him.

If you’ve never been to the Rainforest Cafe, the entire restaurant is jungle-themed (well, except for the dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets) and life-sized robotic animals are placed throughout the dining area.  About every 15 minutes or so, the animals “come to life” with sound and movement.  Overhead is a twinkling night sky complete with shooting stars, which prompted a debate between my kids regarding whether shooting stars are actually stars or comets.  Our input that they’re actually meteors was met with varying degrees of skepticism.

Balloon Alligator Wristlets

The best part of lunch was the Balloon Lady, who is skilled in the art of creating jungle animals out of air-filled rubber.  The kids both requested alligators.

A Kiss for the Alligator

My niece Jas loves her Uncle Jens

Sitting with Uncle Jens/Daddo means getting tickled!

Kaelin was so proud of her alligator.

As a foot note, you might not THINK that you need to make reservations at a mall restaurant, but the wait time when we showed up was about an hour and a half – at 1:30pm.  Kudos to my SIL, Iris, for making reservations or we would not have been eating there.


Kaelinisms: Tape Edition

17 Jul

“Kaelin, why is there tape all over my bed?”
“Oh sorry! I forgot to take it off.  I was taping Koren.”
“To the bed?”

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Kaelinisms: Melodrama Edition

17 Jul

“Daddo, it seems like everything I touch today just turns into a disaster.”


Tipping the Tooth Fairy

17 Jul

I’m pretty sure I have the only kid in the world who leaves money for the tooth fairy.

Kaelin lost her 4th tooth at summer camp on Friday.  She called me from school to tell me about it.  Apparently it just came out in her mouth, which was surprising because even though it was very wiggly when she went to school that morning, it was still hanging on pretty strongly in the front.

Several days prior, she showed me how wiggly her tooth was.  She had just lost one a few weeks before, and I told her that if she keeps losing teeth like that, the tooth fairy is going to go broke.  Apparently she took me seriously.

That night, she put the tooth in a plastic bag along with two dimes from her allowance, and placed the bag under her pillow for the tooth fairy.  When we asked her about the dimes, she said they were for the tooth fairy to give to other little kids who don’t have money.

In return, she received a dollar from the tooth fairy, which she excitedly rushed into our room Saturday morning to display.

Overall, not a bad rate of return.  And the tooth fairy was just happy that she could pay in dollars this time instead of stuffed animals 🙂


Korenisms: Mannequin Edition

17 Jul

(While walking past the partial-body jeans mannequins in Macy’s, Koren starts shouting.  I’m still not sure if he was just in awe, or genuinely horrified.)


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Korenisms: Busy Edition

17 Jul

“Koren come here.”
“Why, Daddo?”
“Because we want to give you hugs.”
“I’m busy counting my fingers.”

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