A Night Out

05 Jul

We took the opportunity to take our guests to Rafain, or “Meat Parade” as the guys affectionately call the Brazilian steakhouse.  We all dressed up a bit, and the girls got to be matching “princesses” (I happened to have duplicates in different sizes of one of Kaelin’s dresses – thanks Zulily!).

Our princesses, they are silly.

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Rangers Game

05 Jul

This weekend we had a great visit from our friends Jason, Ruth and Gwen from Boston.  Gwen and Kaelin are the same age (I think their birthdays are a week apart) and hit it off immediately.  They were little “besties” all weekend.

Jason and Jens work for the same company, so we all enjoyed a company outing to the Rangers game Friday night.  It seems we picked a good night to go, as the Rangers actually won the game by quite a margin – it seems they have been making a habit of getting killed recently, so that was a nice surprise.  Gwen was immediately labeled “Obviously Not from Texas” after she came back from the water fountain and announced, “My mouth was WICKED HOT from those ribs!”

After the game, we watched the fireworks set off by the ball park, which the kids really enjoyed.  Kaelin and Koren could not stop exclaiming, “It’s so BEAUTIFUL!”

The girls were "bread buddies" - turning their noses up at some pretty great BBQ in lieu of white buns.

Batter Up!


Sling-Shot Pitching Game

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Our 4th of July in Pictures (and one video)

05 Jul

Click on any of the thumbnails below to see the full image.


Um… Whahappen?

05 Jul

I think I’ve just entered the Twilight Zone.

Koren is my crier right now.  Any time I drop him off at church, school, summer camp, swimming lessons… there are tears.  Kaelin, on the other hand, just runs right in the room and I rarely even get a “goodbye” from her.

So this morning I dropped the kids off at a summer camp that was completely new to Koren.  I had fully prepared myself for the wailing and gnashing of teeth that would surely ensue.

Instead, he walks right up to the teacher and starts babbling like he does when he’s known you for years.


He then pranced right into the room and never even looked back at me.

Kaelin, who has been to this same camp before with the same teacher (who she loved and talked about for months afterward) hid behind me the entire time I was there and burst into tears when I left.

What’s going on?

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27 Jun

She pulled it out herself with the help of some dental floss.  Last whimper words before the tooth came out: “It’s going to be ok, Vitamin Kitty.”


Baseball Cake

25 Jun

For Koren’s birthday cake, I decided on a baseball theme.  I started with a dome-shaped cake using Wilton’s Sports Ball cake pan.

I iced the dome, then covered it with blue fondant that I made out of marshmallows.  I find marshmallow fondant to be much more edible than the store-bought kind.

I cut the bill out of cardboard and covered it with the fondant as well, then fastened it to the hat.  I then added embellishments such as the button on top and used a needle to mimic the stitching on the hat.

I cut the home plate out of sheet cake and covered it with white fondant.  I then piped multi-shaded green “grass” onto the cake board with Wilton’s “hair” frosting tip.

I added a layered fondant patch to the front of the cap and placed it onto the base, using a piece of cardboard to support the bill and keep it lifted.

I then added some baseballs – which were essentially cake balls covered with marshmallow fondant.  I drew “stitches” on with edible markers.  I did learn that you have to be picky with the brand when you’re using edible markers.  I tried to be thrifty and started with Betty Crocker markers but they bled so badly that I had to go back and spend the big bucks on Wilton markers.

The glove was kind of a hasty afterthought because I had an extra dome cake and didn’t know what to do with it.  I drew the features on with icing and used a needle to imitate the stitching.

The finished product:


The result:

Everything but the cap was eaten at the party, and the rest was finished off at a gathering a couple of days later.  Overall verdict: Success!


Korenisms: Goliath Edition

25 Jun

“Grandmommy and Grandpa are at the ball game talking to some people Grandpa knows.”

“Does he know Goliath?”


Kaelinisms: Burger Edition

25 Jun

“Kaelin, do you want anything on your burger besides cheese and ketchup?”

“Yes. Meat and bread.”

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