Korenisms: Tickling Edition

13 Dec

Kaelin: Koren, did you know that Daddo only tickles people he loves?
Koren:  Yes.  I did know that.
(30 seconds of silence)
Koren: Daddo, you love your job, so do you tickle your boss?


Christmas Elves: Day 19

12 Dec

I’m just gonna come right out and say it… this is what happens when Mama is sleepy and short on time.  I didn’t even get a good picture  – I don’t know WHAT my camera was focusing on but it doesn’t appear to be anything that’s actually in the picture.


Fortunately, the kids thought it was funny this morning that the elves had gone rummaging in the stockings SO EARLY.  I mean, OBVIOUSLY there’s not going to be anything in there until Christmas.  “I think Eddie was confused,” said Koren.



Christmas Elves: Day 18

12 Dec


This was the first day the elves did something separately.  Ellie gathered all the Disney figurines for story time…



Meanwhile, Eddie blew off all his friends for a fishing trip.




Unfortunately, this activity did NOT pass the Rocco test, and Eddie ended up doing a belly flop into the fish pond.  So he got moved to the TV, and Rocco got a bowl of soft food to keep him occupied and out of the goldfish.


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Christmas Elves: Day 17

12 Dec


Half the fun of arranging elves is seeing to what lengths Rocco will go in order to get them.  Subsequently, half the challenge of arranging elves is doing so in a manner where they will be free of cat-mischief until morning.  Fortunately, in this instance, all I had to do was move the ladder away.


“I can has elfz … pleze?  Dangling…wiggling…can…not…look…away”


Insert Mission Impossible music here.




“Here Elfie Elfie, come play with nice kitty”






“Elf down. I repeat, we have an elf down. That’s affirmative, may need medical attention.”


Christmas Elves: Day 16

12 Dec

The elves made a Christmas craft, and the kids had fun taking part in creating more Christmas trees.  I should have taken a picture of all the ones the kids did also.  I think they might make good accessories on gift-wrapped presents – what do you think?






Christmas Elves: Day 15

11 Dec

Snowman time!  Eddie and Ellie have a thing for snow.  And marshmallows.  If you couldn’t tell.





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Christmas Elves: Day 14

11 Dec

I am so behind on this.  The elves have been busy – but so have I, so I haven’t had time to post their antics.

On this day, the elves attempted to hitch a ride to Kaelin’s school.  Unfortunately, they were caught and did not make it out the door.


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Christmas Elves: Day 13

04 Dec

If you’ve ever been to our house, you know that most all the doors (and some walls) are entirely covered in mirrors.  Not our idea, they were like that when we moved in.  Removing the mirrors would ruin the doors, so we’ve learned to live with them.  You can watch yourself do just about anything in this house, which at times can be a little creepy, but there is one major advantage:

Our doors make excellent palettes for gummy stickums and window/dry erase markers.

Tonight the elves decorated the hallway door.  The mirror and background and transparency of the dry erase markers made this scene surprisingly difficult to photograph, but you can probably get the idea.

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